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Engineering IT essentials

Find out everything you'll need to know about IT services and support from the Faculty of Engineering.

Getting started
Engineering IT essentials

1. Get a username and password
When you start at the University, you will  be allocated with a username and password. This allows you to access the University's services. Find out how to protect and change your password.

2. Familiarise yourself with the terms of use policy
The University has a policy of acceptable behaviour that is expected by staff and students when they access the University's IT network.  

3. Familiarise yourself with IT security best practices
Security practices protect both your own interests and the interests of the University community. You have a personal responsibility to ensure you practice acceptable use and security best practices.  

4. Puchase hardware and software
If you are thinking of buying hardware such as a computer, server, laptop or anything else to assist with study, you should firstly read the following information. 

5. Safe computing
Please refer to the University's central directory on safe computing for essential information on how to protect your devices, information, and identity.

University systems

AucklandUni mobile app
Currently available for iPhone and Android devices. Stay connected!


You can gain access to important information via our electronic learning management system - Canvas. You will find essentials here such as:

  • Course information and materials.
  • Announcements.
  • Marks and exam times.
  • Downloadable learning resources.
    Online tests.
  • Real-time chat with staff and other students.

Computer software
You will find a list of available software that is able to be accessed from the University. 

Your student email account will be the main way that University staff and colleagues will communicate important information to you. Ensure that you check email regularly. Or if you don't, set up redirection to your preferred email account.

Student Services Online
Login and enrol, get course advice and information, view your timetables, manage your enrolment finances, and update your details.


The University’s satellite service enabling reception of international TV channels, and access to local and international programme recordings for educational use.



Internet access
All students are provided free internet access on campus. The level of access that you have will depend on your area of study and also the programme you're completing. Find all the details on the Electronic Campus Services information.

Wireless connectivity
Most wireless enabled devices can connect to the University network and use resources such as internet access, CECIL and library resources.

Computer facilities

Computer facilities
As an Engineering student, you automatically have access to the faculty's general computing facilities.

Lecture recording
Just one way in which we can offer you flexible learning options. This feature is currently being piloted in some courses. Use them as a learning tool, or a lecture substitute if you can't attend.

File storage and sharing

File storage
An internet based network file storage service. Instructions on how to connect to these data locations.

Web DropOff Box
This service allows you to share and download large files that are either too big or confidential to be sent via email. This secure file sharing service is accessible to those both inside and outside of the University.

Saving your work (FAQs)

Copy and print services

Copy And Print Services (CAPs)
Copy and print services are available for all staff and students, and copy services for members of the public.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Answers to common questions about the copy and print services available at the Faculty of Engineering.

Got a question?

Service and support
Send a request to AskIT if you require staff assistance.

ASKIT is ideal for those awkward moments when you get stuck in the computer
ASKIT is ideal for those awkward moments when you get stuck in the computer