Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland is committed to creating an environment where people thrive and contribute to improving the quality of life in national and global communities, as well as enhancing the wealth creation of the nation, through excellence in teaching, research and service.

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    Babbage Consultants Scholarship
    21 July 2016
    Up to $8,000 will be awarded to a Part III student in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Applications close on 31st July.
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    TDG Scholarship
    21 July 2016
    Part III Civil and Environmental Engineering students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship worth $7,500.
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    ECE Career Paths application
    18 July 2016
    Students are encouraged to utilise this application, which will guide you in identifying courses needed for specific career paths in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
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    SGS New Zealand Limited Scholarships
    15 July 2016
    Two $6,000 scholarships are available for Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students. Applications close on 31st July.
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    Fly to Auckland
    07 July 2016
    Prospective postgraduates throughout New Zealand are invited to find out for yourself what the University has to offer. Applications close on 19 August.