Faculty of Engineering

Part I Assistance Centre

The Centre provides academic support and help with your weekly worksheets, OASIS questions, practice problems and test preparation. While we can’t help you with your actual assignments, we can guide you through similar example problems in your course handbooks.

Part One Assistance Centre sign

The Part I Assistance Centre is located in the Leech Study Area in Level 3, Building 401 of the Faculty of Engineering's Central Campus. Look out for the big purple sign! 

Our opening hours (excluding breaks and public holidays) are:

  • Monday to Friday, 2-5pm (starting second week of semester, during teaching weeks only)
Faculty of Engineering Part I Assistance Centre Mentors
The 2016 Part I Assistance Team


Our cohort of mentors, each with a GPA of 6.0 (B+ average) or above, are happy to help you.

All have received training to help you develop your understanding on how to solve problems and answer assignments encountered in specific courses. Our mentors have also received guidance from your course coordinators and lecturers. They will also have copies of course books, ENGGEN 115 visualisation models, and maybe even some pen and paper to help you with any of your queries!

We encourage you to take advantage of this service whether you're struggling or not – after all, they can just as easily help you turn that ‘B’ into an ‘A+’, as they can help you with a pass when you risk a fail.

The mentors are also happy to speak with you about your choice of specialisation for Part II. They can offer insights into what their own specialisation involves, why they chose it and what’s good about it.


Interested in becoming a peer mentor?

Part I Assistance peer mentors provide academic support to our Part I students.

We look to our most academically able students, with a GPA of 6.0 or above, to help support other Engineering students in their transition to university life. All current Part II and III students are welcome to apply. However, those in specialisations related to Part I first semester papers may be favoured.



  • ENGGEN 115 Principles of Engineering Design
  • ENGGEN 121 Engineering Mechanics
  • ENGGEN 140 Engineering Biology and Chemistry
  • ENGSCI 111 Mathematical Modelling 1

In recognition of the contribution the peer mentors make, the Faculty and Departments provide the following support to ensure your experience as a Part I Mentor is as positive as possible:

  • Training
  • Close collaboration with members of the Part I Course teams
  • An official citation of service and certificate from the Dean of Engineering acknowledging your contribution
  • Payment for the hours spent as a Part I Mentor (with a rate of $18.92 per hour).

Appointment is not guaranteed. Applications for the role of Part I Mentors usually exceed the number of shifts available. Appointments are made on a semester-by-semester basis and based on a combination of your application, availability, and agreement to the following conditions:

  • Availability for and attendance at Part I Mentor training and feedback sessions. These are paid sessions.
  • Availability for a minimum of a single two-hour shift per week (please note that there are no ‘one hour’ shifts available).
  • Commitment to completing a brief online summary of mentoring activity after the end of each shift on a shared Piazza Forum.
  • Commitment to maintaining accurate records of all assistance provided to demonstrate effectiveness of Part I Assistance Centre.
  • Commitment to help promote the services of the Part I Assistance Centre through brief presentations to first year students.
  • Commitment to wearing branded clothing during your shifts to help promote the visibility of the Part I Assistance Centre service.

Previous experience in mentoring in groups such as Uniguides, STEPS, SPIES or HKESA or tutoring for private organisation is essential.

Want to become a Peer Mentor? Speak with Alcione Fagundes to receive more information.