Faculty of Engineering

Field trips

Each department offers a series of field trips to engineering plants and works as part of your study.

You are encouraged to attend all field trips as they form an important compliment to lecture material and laboratory classes. If the field trip is “compulsory”, you MUST attend in order complete the requirements for the BE(Hons) qualification. Your department will provide specific trip details and safety requirements.

Chemical & Materials Engineering Part III plant visits

You will attend three to four half-day field trips during your Part III study.

Chemical & Materials Engineering Part IV plant visits

Part IV students will attend a series of out-of-town plant visits which will be in the format of:

  • 3x one day plant visits or
  • 1x three day visits

Engineering Science field trip

Engineering Science organises a two to three day field trip for all Part II Engineering Science and Biomedical Engineering students. The trip is held at the beginning of the academic year with visits made to industries in the upper half of the North Island.

Mechanical Engineering field trips

Part II and Part III students are given an insight into the variety and scope of engineering activities in New Zealand through a series of one day field trips to local engineering and manufacturing companies. They are an important compliment to lecture material and laboratory classes. Attendance is compulsory. Several trips to local organisations may also be arranged within certain elective papers. The companies visited may change each year.