Faculty of Engineering

Summer School

Summer School offers limited Engineering undergraduate courses over a six-week period from early January to mid-February using a short, intensive teaching format. All courses are taught and examined to the same standard as normal semester courses.

  • About Summer School

    Find out the benefits of doing Summer School, what to expect, how to select your course load, and summer accommodation options.

  • How to get into Summer School

    Read about the entry requirements, how to apply for admission, and how to enrol in courses.

Faculty of Engineering undergraduate Summer School courses*

  • CHEMMAT 121 - Materials Science
  • ELECTENG 101 - Electrical and Digital Systems
  • ENGGEN 121 - Engineering Mechanics
  • ENGGEN 131 - Introduction to Engineering Computation and Software Development
  • ENGGEN 140 - Engineering Biology and Chemistry
  • ENGSCI 111 - Mathematical Modelling 1

* All courses subject to permission from the Dean of Engineering.