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Our four major research themes focus on interdisciplinary activities that address complex socioeconomic issues.

Technologies for Health
Infrastructure and Environment
Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials Programme

Research is a prominent feature at the Faculty of Engineering. We are often seen as pioneers in a wide range of interdisciplinary work, from pure to applied, and strive to make positive impacts on society.

Our academic staff are passionate about discovery, new knowledge and applying their understandings to the real world. The research in return informs our learning environment, so both our undergraduates and postrgaduates have the privilege of engaging with leading academics in their fields.

Major research breakthroughs come from teams where the interplay of ideas from across disciplines can be combined to design innovative solutions. Our four major research themes create a critical mass of groundbreaking activity in strategically important areas, bringing together expertise from wherever it is needed – across staff and students from the faculty’s five departments, other faculties at the University, other research organisations, industry, councils and external stakeholders.

We also frequently receive recognitions of excellence – recent national awards have included the the Prime Minister’s Science Prize for inductive power transmissions work and the Royal Society of New Zealand’s Pickering Medal for mission-led research on aluminium production with direct impacts on improving environmental outcomes.

Output from faculty researchers has demonstrably resulted in tens of millions of dollars of benefit for companies who have collaborated with us. We see theory and applications as elements that interact seamlessly to the benefit of both and welcome enquiries from industry regarding research needs.

With access to expertise and purpose-built facilities, we extend the offer to you to join us, either as collaborators or as students. Our University's research culture is about more than the acquisition of new knowledge – it also leads to a steady stream of highly skilled people moving on to further their careers, be it in industry or academia.


Research themes

The Faculty of Engineering's four major research themes address globally significant issues such as sustainable energy, quality of life, a vibrant economy, and the future of our cities, by pulling together researchers with diverse skills from across the faculty. The themes are:

  • Energy
    This research theme targets improving energy supply and use and includes new sources, sustainability and low usage technologies.
  • Technologies for Health
    This research theme focuses on improving quality of life through product design, prototype development, testing and optimisation.


More about our research

  • Areas of expertise
    See a list of our areas of interest relating to our research expertise and capabilities.
  • Further reading
    Read more about our research themes in the brochure below.
Research themes brochure
An introduction to the Faculty of Engineering's answer to addressing tomorrow's challenges. (682.5 kB, PDF)