Faculty of Engineering

Make the right choices now to maximise your options later

The subject choices you make as early as Year 10 impact on your university options once you leave school.

To qualify for engineering studies and the exciting careers it can lead to, you must have studied maths in Year 10, and both maths and physics in Year 11*.

Engineering leads to interesting, challenging, and fun careers. If you are creative, curious, resourceful, enjoy working with others and finding solutions to problems, then engineering could be your future.

Engineers create things and make things happen in an incredible variety of fields. Whether it's product design for tablet computers, building aeroplanes, boats, robotic toys, animatronics or project managing the tallest building in the world like one of our graduates has done, engineering offers a wide range of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities.

Engineers are in demand worldwide and typically enjoy great salaries - so make the right subject choices now and keep your options open.

For more information speak with your school's careers adviser.


* If you haven't taken these subjects in Year 10 and 11 the only alternative to qualify for engineering studies is a six month bridging course, costing you money and time that will leave you behind your peers.