Faculty of Engineering

South Pacific Indigenous Engineering Students (SPIES) Network

Supporting Māori and Pacific Engineering students since 1993.

SPIES is a network of Māori and Pacific Engineering students. Since 1993, SPIES have supported their fellow students by providing social, cultural and sporting activities.

SPIES has a study and recreation space in the Faculty of Engineering. While an engineering degree is hard work, SPIES makes life a little more enjoyable.

To find out more about the network, including how to join and what they have to offer, please contact the spies@auckland.ac.nz.

SPIES Executive Board

Co-presidents Faireka Fairoa 
Zelma Vincer
Vice president Lehopoame Hausia
Treasurer Arran Davis
Secretary Lana Sheerin
AUES Officer Peter Te'o-McFall
IT Officer Anthony Ripley
Sports Officer
Kayla Fuemana
AUPISA rep Nela Napa'a
NTM rep Harota Los'e
SPEEX Officer Alex Talakai-Puloka 
Public Relations Officer Tana Faamausili