Faculty of Engineering

Masters, diplomas and certificates

Our Engineering postgraduate programmes are designed to respond to the needs of those aspiring to both academic and practising careers.

Masters degrees

A masters degree offers advanced specialist study and/or research in a particular field.

Master of Engineering
This programme is a fully research based degree in one of the nine engineering specialisations available.

Master of Engineering Studies
A programme of specified courses in one of sixteen engineering specialisations. Some options can include a research project.

Master of Engineering Management
A restricted set of course work and a special management project offered jointly with the Business School.


Master of Energy
Consists of course work and research with options to concentrate on particular energy types or a wide range of topics.

Master of Operations Research
A complete research based degree for students with undergraduate backgrounds in Arts, Commerce, Engineering or Science.

Master of Disaster Management
This taught masters programme is designed to prepare people for careers and leadership roles in disaster management.

Postgraduate diplomas and certificates

A postgraduate diploma or certificate offers course based study in a specific area.

Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering
A course-based programme, and is designed to provide an advanced technical or management foundation and industrial perspective.

Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering (Plastics)
This programme is designed to be completed through part-time study for students in fulltime industry employment.

Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research
A specific set of courses which incorporates operations research to build on your undergraduate specialisation.

Postgraduate Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology
Aimed at giving engineering and science graduates training in geothermal science and engineering.

Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology
Teaching advanced concepts in Chemical and Materials Engineering specific to the lights metals reduction technology, especially aluminium.