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Helping our students find work

We are proud of our extraordinary success in supporting our students to find employment before they graduate. We organise a number of activities that allow you to meet with representatives from companies that actively recruit graduates, and we encourage you to come along!

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What do we do to help?

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The Faculty of Engineering is proud of its strong association with industry professionals and the benefits that this association provides to both our students and engineering companies. The faculty actively supports your search for employment in the following ways:


Careers Fairs

Careers Fairs give you the chance to meet employers from companies that are relevant to your specialisation. You can begin the networking process with companies working in a field that interests you. Fairs commence in May and continue through to July. The companies that attend are from New Zealand, but many have international operations or are part of a multinational operation.

Immigration advisory seminars

We arrange for licensed immigration advisers from an international consultancy to provide seminars on a variety of issues relevant to our international students before their graduation.

Topics covered include:

  • Changing visa
  • “Graduate job search visas”
  • Working toward permanent residence
  • The points system
  • Explanations about the long term skills shortage list
  • Preparing for a job interview in New Zealand
  • Helpful advice on how to construct a CV for maximum appeal in the New Zealand employment market

Our international students are encouraged to ask questions at the seminar. This gives our students a quick and clear understanding of the way forward for their individual situation.

Employer presentations

Employer presentations provide an opportunity for you to learn about individual companies and their activities. Companies use these evenings as an opportunity to promote career opportunities and summer internships within their companies, as our graduates are highly sought. Employer presentations are held within the faculty.

Career evenings

These events take place at the beginning of Semester Two and are organised by the Auckland University Engineering Society (AUES). They feature rolling presentations by participating companies in our lecture theatres and company displays in the atrium.

Lunchtime BBQs

Employers may hold lunchtime BBQs in the engineering student courtyard. This is a fun, informal and effective way for you to network with prospective employers.

Interview facilities

The faculty allows engineering companies to use its meeting rooms for conducting employment interviews with our students. This makes it easier for our students to meet employers from outside Auckland without the expense of travel or distraction from their study.

Recruitment advertising and display boards

Engineering companies advertise vacancies within the faculty. Display boards are used as part of a company’s recruitment activities throughout the academic year and this provides students with another way to learn about employment opportunities after their graduation.





What types of jobs are out there?

MBIE Occupation Outlook Research 2015
According to New Zealand Government research paper from 2015, Occupation Outlook, right now there's never been a better time to be an engineer in New Zealand

Find our more about your job prospects via the MBIE website.

There are also PDFs relating to specific industries and roles

Our graduates are working across a rich and exciting range of careers, including:

  • Engineering activities of all levels within a specialist field, both within New Zealand and overseas.
  • Research and development.
  • Engineering consultancy.
  • Analysis, development, design and automatic control of processes in the dairy, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, steel, aluminium and polymer industries
  • Planning, designing and supervising the construction of buildings, roads, water supply plants, dams, canals and flood protection systems.
  • Designing and manufacturing electromechanical systems, and thermal devices and processes including engines and control systems for automobiles and aircrafts, power generation plants, lifesaving medical devices and consumer products.
  • Development and application of semiconductor devices, data processing systems, robotics, embedded systems and software engineering.
  • Engineering telecommunications and radio systems, power systems and wireless technologies for communications and power delivery.
  • Academic careers. An academic career is a great way to use your skills and knowledge to help the next generation of engineers. At the same time, you can pursue research in your field, build a network of international contacts and colleagues and continue to remain part of the University culture.
  • Engineering telecommunications and radio systems, power systems and wireless technologies for communications and power delivery.

For detailed graduate profiles, see our Engineer Your Career newsletters.


Career resources for Engineering students

The University of Auckland also provides the following additional resources for Engineering students to develop their careers.

Career resources for Engineering students