Faculty of Engineering

Admission and enrolment

Our faculty is internationally recognised for its tradition of excellence in teaching and research, and as a result, there is a large amount of interest in the BE(Hons) programme from international students.

If you are an international student seeking admission to BE(Hons) Part I on the basis of New Zealand secondary school qualifications, you will be ranked by the same process as domestic students. Alternatively, you may apply for entry based on the qualifications you have obtained outside New Zealand. For minimum entry requirements into Engineering for international students using overseas qualifications, please refer to the international student admission guidelines.

The usual and recommended starting time for international students is in the first semester of each year as this provides the most straightforward progression through the degree. Second semester entry to Part I is available for international students, but this pathway requires you to complete a Summer School programme and an increased study load for one year.

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English Language Requirement

We expect a high standard of academic English from all our students – both native speakers and those for whom English is an additional language – to enable you to manage the immediate high demands of the BE(Hons) degree programme. If you wish to enter the BE(Hons) programme you must demonstrate a high standard of English with at least one of the following qualifications:

For students in New Zealand schools:

  • NZ University Entrance qualification from NCEA
  • Minimum E pass in AS Level English in CIE examinations

For students entering with overseas qualifications:

  • IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 575
  • equivalent standard of examined English competence.

If you need to improve your English either before enrolling for your degree or alongside your degree, the University offers a range of courses and services to assist you:

Support for international students

If you are currently studying at an overseas university, you may be eligible to take part in the 360° Auckland Abroad programme. This is a two semester exchange programme between The University of Auckland and over 70 universities from around the world.

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