Faculty of Engineering

Why study with us?

Engineers make things happen. Most of today’s products and services have an engineering component, enabling us to enjoy longer, healthier, more comfortable and fulfilling lives.

An engineering degree from the University of Auckland will put you in the best position to receive prestigious scholarships, take part in overseas exchanges and choose from the top engineering jobs both here and internationally.

We have world-class resources and facilities

  • We are the only New Zealand university offering Engineering Science and Biomedical Engineering specialisations.
  • We have the biggest Engineering library in New Zealand, ranking alongside the top five university libraries in Australia.
  • Our world-class teaching and research facilities include the Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel (TFWT) which simulates wind flow over yacht sails and played a pivotal role in Team New Zealand's 1995 and 2000 America’s Cup victories.
  • Our NanoIndenter is one of only two machines in the world that can view, measure and test materials at the nano scale.

We have an international reputation

  • You’ll gain work experience and be involved in practical study projects, working alongside industry professionals.
  • High entry standards and sought-after placings mean you’ll studying alongside the best.
  • Combine Engineering with a conjoint degree in Arts, Commerce, Law, Property or Science.
  • Our faculty is internationally recognised for its tradition of excellence in teaching and research.
  • Our specialisations are accredited by the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand.

We have first class research

  • We have the largest number of top-rated researchers of any New Zealand university and the largest number of research degree completions at the University of Auckland.
  • We have the highest level of research income of any university in New Zealand – winning 30% of the nation’s research fund.
  • You’ll have access to our leading research institutes including the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials, the newly established centre for Healthcare Robotics, and the Energy and Fuels Research Unit.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the country’s only Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • We are recognised as a world leader in research into Wireless or Inductive Power Transfer (IPT).