Faculty of Engineering


A degree in Engineering opens doors to a wide variety of occupations, and is a highly sought after qualification. Our graduates have gone on to forge careers in consultancy, disaster relief, geothermal engineering, and many more. Engineering is a diverse and exciting profession with huge room for growth and development.

Engineers are innovative, creative problem-solvers. The programmes offered in the Faculty of Engineering provide you with the tools you need to forge your career in this dynamic industry.

You could be designing new technologies for the healthcare field, preparing communities for disaster relief, or building railways.

Our graduates have diverse careers and experience in this multi-faceted industry, where no two days are the same, and innovation is at the forefront of every role.

Find out where an engineering qualification can take you by reading some of our graduate profiles below.

Industrial engineer

Kelly Mulvay

Kelly completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), specialising in mechanical engineering. She now works in the industrial engineering team for Beca.

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Geothermal engineer

Alexandre Rivera Diaz_MEnergy_MB Century-1

Alex completed a Master of Energy. He now works as a geothermal engineer in the Research and Development Team of MB Century.

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Project manager

Ryan Ainsworth_MEMgmt_Beca

Ryan completed a Master of Engineering Management. He now works as a project manager at Beca.

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PhD candidate


Gordon completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology. He is now working towards his PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering. 

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Geothermal inspector

Ivan Siahaan_MEngSt

Ivan is completing a Master of Engineering Studies specialising in Environmental Engineering. He is currently working as a Geothermal Inspector for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Indonesia.

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Transport sector analyst

Ma Katrina Raneses_MDisMgt

Ma Katrina completed a Master of Disaster Management. She now works as a Transport Sector Analyst for the Private Markets for Climate Resilience programme in the Philippines.

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Product manager


Bowen completed a conjoint Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), specialising in Civil Engineering, and a Bachelor of Property. He now works as a product manager at Facebook.

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Neil Moraes_MOR

Neil completed a Master of Operations Research. He now works as a consultant at Broad Solutions Ltd.

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PhD candidate

Eryn Kwon_ME

Eryn completed a Master of Engineering. She is now working towards her PhD which focuses on developing new techniques for forensic research.

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