Faculty of Engineering

Entry requirements

There are various ways that you can gain admission to The University of Auckland. You need to understand how to apply to the University and what qualifications you need for entry into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme.

The standard entry level is to Part I of the BE(Hons) degree. The Faculty of Engineering has strict criteria for entrance to the programme. 

Admission is based on your prior academic performance. You will be considered based on your most recent academic record, application details and interview results (if necessary). Of fundamental importance is your potential to succeed in an academically demanding degree that requires a strong background in mathematics, physical sciences and communication skills.

The following decision chart can assist you in identifying the most suitable entry pathway and lead you to information on what to do next. Click on the purple boxes for relevant information.

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BE(Hons) entry pathwaysWell done!



The Faculty of Engineering may accept other qualifications for the purposes of assessing an academic record in support of gaining entry to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme, which include:

  • Any other school-leaving qualification recognised for the purpose of Ad Eundem Statum admission by the NZVCC. Entry levels are available on request.
  • Tertiary study of an equivalent nature and standard that is, in the opinion of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, indicative of ability to undertake engineering studies.
  • Any other qualification from an overseas secondary school, overseas university or other overseas tertiary institution, which is of an equivalent nature and standard to relevant New Zealand qualifications.
  • Fulfillment of the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR), which is required by the University for all its bachelors degree programmes.