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Frequently asked questions

What are the different specialisations and what sort of jobs do they lead to?

Our nine specialisations are:

Each specialisation has a maximum number of places available and selection is based on your Part I academic record.

All of our specialisations are accredited by the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), making the degree an internationally recognised qualification in many overseas countries.


What is the difference between admission and enrolment?

Admission to The University of Auckland involves you meeting the necessary academic requirements for entry to the University.

Enrolment happens once you have accepted an offer of a place in your chosen programme and have completed the necessary documentation.

You will receive an invoice for your tuition fees once you have successfully enrolled.


How do I apply for admission to Engineering?

What marks do I need to get into Engineering?

Can I be admitted to the BE(Hons) if not coming straight from Year 13?

There are a few alternative pathways into the BE(Hons) programme for students not coming directly from Year 13 at secondary school.

Pathways into Engineering


Is there an English requirement for the programme?

The faculty expects a high standard of academic English from all its students – both native speakers and those for whom English is an additional language – to enable you to manage the immediate high demands of the BE(Hons) degree programme.

Find out more about the English language requirement.

How much will it cost?

Course and tuition fees differ for domestic and international students. In addition to course and tuition fees you may be charged for copied course readers, field trip/site visit transport costs and design pads.

If you have any financial queries or concerns, you can phone +64 9 3737599 ext 84422 or complete the Student Financials Enquiry Form.


What is the minimum full-time course load?

The normal course load if you are studying full-time is 120 points.

For the purposes of loans and allowances, the minimum number of points you may enrol in is:

  • In one year, over two semesters - no less than 105 points.
  • In one semester - no less than 50 points.
  • In Summer School - no less than 30 points.

What is the maximum full-time course load?

You may enrol in up to 170 points in an academic year, subject to the regulations of the qualification and the Academic Progress Regulations.

You may enrol in up to 80 points in each semester, and up to 30 points in Summer School per year, providing the 170 point limit is not exceeded.


Are General Education courses included in the calculation of GPAs?

Yes. General Education is regarded as an important component of a University of Auckland undergraduate degree and students are encouraged to participate fully.

Find out more about the General Education component

Do conjoint students need to take a General Education course?

If you are undertaking a conjoint degree you only need to complete one General Education course as part of your other degree requirements.

You must avoid an overlap in your courses – you cannot complete a course in your other degree component that is not allowed for engineering General Education (eg, Maths).

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See which General Education courses are approved for Engineering

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How long do the transitional regulations last?

It is anticipated that students enrolled prior to 2006 will be able to complete under transitional regulations for up to 4 years. Students who commence study in an undergraduate degree in the 2006 academic year having commenced but not completed study in a different undergraduate programme at this university between 2001 and 2005 will also complete under the Transition Regulations. New students to The University of Auckland commencing an undergraduate qualification in 2006 will complete that qualification entirely under new regulations. Faculties will need to consider faculty-specific transitional issues while carrying out restructuring.


Who can I talk to about the degree?