Faculty of Engineering

Step 6: Enrol with the school of graduate studies

You must register with the Board of Graduate Studies before you can be enrolled as a PhD candidate.

The doctoral application approval process

Doctoral Application Process Six Steps

Registration consists of the following:  

  1. Head of Department recommendation
    The Head of Department completes and signs off on your application. It's then referred to the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) for endorsement.
  2. School of Graduate Studies approval
    The recommendation is then considered by the School of Graduate Studies.  

School of Graduate Studies


Finalising your admission and enrolling in the PhD programme

Once your application has been approved, you'll be notified, and invited to log onto Student Services Online. Your student file will automatically pre-populate. You will need to provide originals (or certified copies) of your academic transcripts and other required documents, in order to complete the admission process.

Once this is complete, you will be sent confirmation of your place in the doctoral programme by email and letter with instructions on how to enrol.

Ingenio et Labore: By natural ability and hard work

You have now successfully completed your application and been accepted as a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Engineering.


Congratulations on joining New Zealand's no.1 ranked engineering faculty and the leading engineering research institution in New Zealand.   


As a doctoral candidate, you will be re-enrolled at the beginning of each academic year by the School of Graduate Studies. You should be aware that fees need to be paid on time each year in order for you to be successfully re-enrolled.


Ingenio et Labore is the latin motto for the University of Auckland, it means "By natural ability and hard work". Best of luck with your varied, challenging and exciting doctoral programme.