Faculty of Engineering

Application process guide

Build on foundations gained during your undergraduate study with a world-class postgraduate qualification from the Faculty of Engineering.

Step 1: Explore your options

The Faculty of Engineering offers a wide range of exciting postgraduate programmes.

Step 2: Contact a postgraduate adviser

Once you’ve decided which academic programme(s) you want to study, contact a postgraduate adviser in the relevant department. They can recommend courses or research areas that align with your interest and goals. Find a postgraduate adviser for engineering departments.

Step 3: Check the application closing date

Make sure to submit your application by the closing date for the programme you are applying for. See Application closing dates.

If you're an international student, you should apply well in advance of the closing dates and get help and advice from the International Office.

Step 4: Check entry requirements

You need to understand what qualifications you require for admission into the programme you wish to study.

You will need to meet certain entrance criteria and will usually be assessed on the basis of your most recent academic study. Check our entry requirements for non-doctoral programmes.

If you are applying for a doctorate, you will first need to complete an Expression of Interest. Check our entry requirements for a PhD.

Step 5: Apply for a place in the programme

After speaking with a postgraduate adviser (and the International Office if you are an international student), you can apply for admission to the programme.

If you are applying for a doctorate, you will first need to complete an Expression of Interest. See Doctoral programmes.

For all other postgraduate programmes, you can apply on Student Services Online. You can access Student Services Online through the Quick Links on the main University homepage or visit www.studentservices.auckland.ac.nz.

Before you submit your application for admission, make sure that you are aware of any application fees that may apply to you (application fees are normally charged on submission of an application and are non-refundable).

Student loans

If you intend to pay for your programme by student loan, you should apply for your student loan now. See Student loans and allowances.

International students

Before you fly out to New Zealand to begin your studies at The University of Auckland, you will need to make sure you apply for the correct visa or permit and that you have a current passport. See Applying for a visa.

All international students are also required to have health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. If you already have insurance, make sure that your alternative insurance policy meets our requirements for compliant policies. See Health and travel insurance.

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Doctoral programmes

Non-doctoral programmes

Step 6: We acknowledge your application

Once you’ve submitted your application, we will send you an acknowledgement email within two working days.



The email will include a checklist of required documents you need to send us to support your application. This checklist will also appear within your application.

We encourage you to monitor your application status and checklists on Student Services Online.

Step 7: Submit your supporting documents

As a general guide, you will be asked to provide:

  1. Certified evidence of your legal name, date of birth, and citizenship status (eg, a copy of relevant parts of your birth certificate or passport).
  2. A colour, passport-sized (50mm height x 40mm width) photograph of yourself with a plain light-coloured background (not white or dark).

Other tertiary institutions

If you’re an applicant from another tertiary institution, you’ll also need to provide:

  1. Certified copies of your official academic transcripts from the institutions you studied at.
  2. Evidence of degree/qualification completion (if the qualifications were completed).
  3. Statements about the degree/diploma structure, grading system, and relevant course outlines (if applying for credit for study done at an overseas tertiary institution or New Zealand Polytechnic/College of Education).

English language requirements

  • If you’re an international applicant, then in addition to the documents specified above, you’ll need to provide verified copies of English language proficiency results (eg, IELTS or TOEFL).

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide an English translation for each document. The translations must be prepared and certified by an accepted translation service in New Zealand. A list of acceptable translation services can be found on the NZQA website.

  • If you’re a domestic applicant whose first language is not English, you may also be asked to provide evidence of their competence in written and spoken English.

Additional requirements

Where required, relevant supplementary forms will also need to be completed and returned to the faculty. When all documentation requirements have been met, your application will be assessed.

Step 8: We assess your application

The University will check that you have submitted the correct documents with your application.

  • If the documents you submitted were not properly certified, or were not what we requested from you, the requests for these documents will be updated on your application checklist. Your application cannot be processed until you submit all the required documents.
  • Once all of your documents have been processed, the requests for these items will be removed from your application checklist.
  • We encourage you to regularly check your application status and checklist on Student Services Online.
  • During peak processing times, it may take a week or more to process your documents.

Step 9: We inform you of the outcome

Offers of place

  • If you are eligible for acceptance to the programme(s) you applied for, you will receive an offer of place by email or letter that you must respond to.
  • We’ll specify the timeframe that you need to respond within before the offer expires.
  • You can accept or decline the offer of place by signing into Student Services Online.
  • If you then wish to accept a subsequent offer, you should also decline the earlier acceptance, so that you are only active in the programme(s) you are currently studying.
  • The Faculty of Engineering may offer you a place before your eligibility for admission has been fully assessed.
  • If you are offered a conditional place in a programme, you can accept it but you will not become a student until you have fulfilled the outstanding requirements outlined in your application.

Declined applications

If you are not offered a place in the programme(s) of your choice, you will receive an email or letter advising you that your application has been declined.