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There is a mountain of information about women in engineering. The following links are to publications and websites recommended by our staff.

EDay 1


Stephanie Wilson (middle) and Women in Engineering students.

Have you ever wondered what being an astronaut was like –and whether you could be one?


Stephanie Wilson, a NASA astronaut and engineering scientist, spoke with female engineering students about her experiences in space beginning in 2006. She answered questions from the women about how she applied for acceptance into the space programme, her engineering experiences, and what work and life was like in space.


If you're interested in robotics, check out Robogals, a club at the University of Auckland that encourages young women into robotics and engineering. They run workshops at schools and public libraries - find one near you!

Nano Girl
Senior Lecturer Dr Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl blogs about science and engineering, and why girls should be involved!

The Science Babe
Dr. Debbie Berebichez, PhD in Physics explains the physics of high heels in a short video

eGFI - Dream up the future 
Whether it’s designing "green" buildings or creating clean water systems for developing countries, engineers improve out quality of life through the practical use of science and maths. This is a great website for anyone with an interest in engineering. It explains the various engineering disciplines and some of the careers that lead on from there. Check it out if you're new to engineering or undecided about what discipline to specialise in.

Engineer Girl
The EngineerGirl website is part of a US/Canada project to bring national attention to the opportunity that engineering represents to all people at any age, but particularly to women and girls. The website is developed on the advice and recommendations of an advisory board comprising of girls from schools across the country.

This website is for women currently studying science and engineering. It gives pointers on interpersonal skills, social issues, and how to develop your career.

Future in Tech
Future in Tech is a New Zealand website with information about careers in technology, engineering & science. It has information on companies, what they do and also has a brief outline of scholarships for students in engineering.

Geek Crafts
Right brain. Left brain. Use them to combine both your engineering and creative skills for some extra-curricular projects such as these 'Pi and Pie' earrings. Find more great ideas on Geek Crafts.


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