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WEN past events

WEN hosts events throughout the year to encourage women engineering students to form and build on support networks.

Networking with a kick

With the promise of being able to learn about self-defence AND network with industry, many were intrigued to see what all the commotion was about...

Held in partnership with Downer, many of our WEN members who attended this event reported that they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! The evening began with a 1 ¼ hour session based around the '7 tips of self-defence', followed by 15 minutes of physical Jackie Chan action. Later on, one of Downer's top senior female engineer spoke about the challenges she had faced as a woman in industry and how she overcame adversity. This was an extremely real and insightful talk which challenged our members to think about the different ways they can defend and deal with possible workplace issues in the best manner and the importance of standing up for yourself. At the end of the night, all attendees learnt more than they bargained for! 

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WEN Seminar - Professor Karen Willcox

Karen Willcox WEN

On Friday 18 March, alumna of the Faculty and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and co-director of the Center for Computational Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Karen Willcox, shared her career journey and wisdom with students, staff and alumni. 

Karen talked about the serendipity of her career pathway, stressing that she didn't have it all planned out from the start, and that almost everyday she doubts that she is good enough. A nice reminder that we all struggle with confidence sometimes!


Specialisation mixers

Specialisation mixer 2016 2
Specialisation mixer 2016 1

Starting a new year and beginning a new part of your engineering specialisation can be both exciting and intimidating.

This event allowed female students from each specialisation to meet and mix with others in the same field during a relaxing and casual get-together in the second week of Semester 1. 

Thank you to those who attended! We hope that you were able to pick up some tips and tricks to survive the year ahead!


Part I catch up

WEN kicked off 2016 with our first official’ Part 1 Catch up’.

Excellent food and banter being the focus of this event, many first year female engineering students attended bright eyed and bushy tailed. The room was filled with more than 40 students, excitement and positive energy! These young women discussed favourite lectures, heavy workloads and degree survival tips amongst themselves and with WEN Leaders.

Thank you to all those who attended this event! WEN wishes you all the best with your engineering degree!  

Part 1 catch up 2
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Women in Engineering Welcome 2016

The Women in Engineering Network (WEN) welcomed over 200 new female engineering students during Orientation week. New students go to know each other, heard from senior members of the faculty, the Women in Engineering Adviser, and WEN Leaders who shared their experience and top tips for success.

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WEN Orientation 2016 #3
WEN Orientation 2016 #2
WEN Orientation 2016 #1