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WEN partners with Aurecon to deliver a bigger and better mentoring programme

Following on from the success of the WEN Mentoring Programme in 2015, this year WEN have partnered with Aurecon to deliver a mentoring programme that connects female students and links them with industry, while developing their ability to reach their goals.

The programme pairs female Part 2 students with a Part 3 or Part 4 student in their specialisation. In turn, Part 3 and Part 4 students receive group mentoring from an Aurecon staff member.

For our Part 2 mentees, this is a great way to learn more about their new specialisation and meet girls in the years ahead. Our past mentees have asked their mentors for advice about papers, exams, summer jobs and anything else that has them puzzled throughout the year.

Being a Part 3 or 4 mentor provides a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their mentoring abilities, grow their networks and receive career advice from an industry professional. Student mentors will also receive official recognition from the faculty for their contribution.

Applications for the programme are now open, and close on 11 March 2016.

Find out more about the WEN Mentoring Programme.


The WEN Mentoring Programme 2016 has been developed in partnership with Aurecon and the Aurecon Women programme.

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The WEN Leadership team for 2016

2016 WEN leaders

The WEN leaders for 2016 have been selected and met for a training weekend on 30-31 January. The weekend included lots of time for the team to get to know each other, discussions about the purpose of WEN and what leadership is about, as well as planning for 2016. The new leaders are looking forward to making it another great year for WEN!


From left: Richelle Fernandes, Monica Henriques, Jemma Simmonds, Misha Garg, Karina Sum, Fatima Alshami, Alexandra Pereyaslavets, Natasha Mudaliar, Reshma Jose, Mikala Easte, Sarah Crowhurst, Madisson Boyd, Irene Wu, Emily Badley, Kristy Leung.

Success of WEN mentoring programme pilot

WEN Mentoring Programme Launch (May 2015)
WEN Mentoring Programme Launch (May 2015)

The Women in Engineering Network (WEN) Mentoring Programme piloted in 2015 and saw great success. The programme pairs Part II student mentees with a Part III or Part IV student mentor from their specialisation. Both mentees and mentors found the programme very valuable, as it formed links between year levels and allowed students to share tips on how to succeed in university courses and beyond.

Research has shown one of the most important factors in career success is mentoring. It is crucial for young women to build relationships with more senior people who can provide advice and support. Mentoring also allows mentors to develop their coaching skills and to contribute to the development of others.

The programme will run again in 2016, and will be even bigger and better.

If you are interested in being a mentee or mentor in 2016, contact us at wen@auckland.ac.nz

WEN: reaching new heights! (February 2015)

WEN leaders 2015
WEN leaders 2015

Earlier in the month the Women in Engineering Network (WEN) leaders participated in a weekend workshop. During the workshop, the leaders for 2015 had a chance to get to know each other better, develop their teamwork and leadership skills, and formulate a clear vision for WEN.

This year, the WEN leaders are looking forward to offering more events focused on professional development and networking, in addition to the social events that have been run in the past.

They also plan to invite male students to some events; their aim is to create an inclusive environment in the faculty, which promotes diversity and celebrates achievement –and that means getting everyone on board!

The WEN leaders are also passionate about spreading the word about engineering as a career option. Research has shown that young women are not told about engineering by parents and other influencers as much as young men are, so WEN are committed to raising awareness about engineering as a career option for young women. They are involved in visits to schools and on-campus events such as Enginuity Day and Engineer Her Future information evenings.

The Women in Engineering Network was established in 1993 to support women students, who at that time made up less than 20% of the student body. In 2014, women made up 25% of students, many of whom were inspired to study engineering through contact with WEN.


WEN Leaders workshop (31 Jan - 1 Feb 2015)
WEN Leaders workshop (31 Jan - 1 Feb 2015)