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About WEN

WEN is a network run by and female Engineering students at the University of Auckland, where we lead the way in Australasia with approximately 25% female students.

Mission statement

To inspire and empower women to achieve their aspirations in engineering

  • By building connections between those who are interested in, studying and practicing engineering
  • By offering professional development opportunities to women engineering students. 
  • By creating an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and celebrates achievement.

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WEN hosts events to help you get to know other women in the Faculty of Engineering, and to provide opportunities for professional development. Networking and getting to know your peers, both in your own year and in the years around you, helps you throughout your degree and will make a huge difference once you get into the workplace.

WEN also works closely with the Women in Engineering Adviser to publicise the fact that engineering is a great career for women, and that women are great at engineering! We are involved with Enginuity Day, Engineer Her Future and other events that encourage talented women to join us at the Faculty of Engineering.

WEN Leaders

The Women in Engineering Network is coordinated by WEN leaders - current female engineering students who organise events for other students and encourage young women to consider engineering as an option. They are from different years levels, specialisations and high schools, so whatever you would like to know, they can answer. WEN leaders are always happy to help current female students with any queries or concerns.

Contact the WEN leaders by emailing wen@auckland.ac.nz or just say hi if you see them around the faculty!

WEN Leaders 2016

Contact us

You can contact WEN on wen@auckland.ac.nz or contact the Women in Engineering Adviser.