Useful information

You'll continue to learn about the way things work at University throughout your studies. Below are a few things that you should know early on.

For more information, please refer to the Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook


Building hours and access cards

General access

All engineering students are allowed to enter the Engineering building between 7am-midnight seven days a week.

  • The main doors to the building will be operational from 7.30am-6.30pm.
  • You will need your access card to enter/exit the building between 7-7.30am and 6.30pm-midnight. During these times, you may only enter/exit the building via the Level 2 door leading from the staff carpark or the Level 3 door leading in from the underpass.
  • Security officers will check the premises at 11.45pm every night and remind students to vacate the building by midnight.
  • Access cards will not open any internal or external doors after midnight.
  • These hours also apply to all study areas and computer labs.

Access cards

  • An access card can be purchased at the Engineering Student Centre for $6. This is a one-off payment and not a deposit.  There will be no refunds at any time.
  • Once purchased, the card must be activated by completing the online application form. It may take up to two weeks before the card is activated.
  • You can use the same card until your studies are complete; however, it needs to be renewed at the beginning of every year. Applications for renewal can be done online following the same link as above.
  • Access cards are not transferable under any circumstances. Please report a loss/theft to the Security Office
    on extension 85000. A replacement card can be purchased at a cost of $25, once the loss is reported.

For more information, see Engineering building access.



Lockers are available in the Faculty of Engineering building for your use. Please contact the Auckland University Engineering Society (AUES) office on Level 3 (Room 402-306) for information on hiring a locker.


Text books and course readers

Most courses require students to have access to a reader specific to the particular course. You may be charged a fee to cover the cost of these. Course readers, in addition to any prescribed text books, will be available from the University Book Shop. They will not be available from the Engineering Student Centre.

Be aware that it is often possible to source second-hand textbooks - take care not to buy a very old edition, though. Many prescribed textbooks can also be found in the short loan collection of the library, to be borrowed for two hours at a time.


Health and safety

Health and safety is a high priority for the faculty, as will it be for you throughout your studies and professional career to come. The faculty's health and safety policies have been included in the Undergraduate Handbook. Be sure to familiarise yourself with this information.


Practical work requirements

All NZCE students entering the Faculty of Engineering are reminded that they are required to complete a report covering at least 400 hours of practical work to fulfill the practical work requirements for the BE(Hons) degree. Under usual circumstances, this report has already been produced on work completed during the NZCE training.

Other direct entry students are reminded that they must comply with Practical Work regulations. For more information, see Practical work or speak with your department representative.