Faculty of Engineering

Student IT rules and regulations

Adopting good computer protocol and security practices will help you to enjoy a safe and secure computing experience whilst studying at the Faculty.

Computer labs

We aim to provide a quiet and clean environment in our computer labs.

Students must work quietly, using only software provided and must restrict computer use to that relevant to their studies.

Ensure the work area is left clean for the next user before you leave.

Group work or discussions and non computer based work should be done in the large study area by the student services stall in the library.

Students must conduct themselves in a polite and considerate manner. Please remember that staff are not there merely to respond immediately to your particular problems, but to facilitate the productivity of all faculty IT users.

Sending of obscene, defamatory or offensive email material or messages, or the transfer of non work related material to or from any web site or newsgroup is expressly forbidden.

Any attempt to contact any other user or site using a false or incorrect identity will be considered an extremely serious offence.

All users of the computer labs are subject to the ICT Statute 2007 as set out in The University of Auckland Calendar, Acceptable Use Policies defined by ITS, and those displayed in the computer labs. Breaches of these or other specific Engineering Computer Lab rules, as listed below, may result in disciplinary action. This could include the withdrawal of login accounts and/or print balances as well as a ban from the labs, loss of assignment marks, or referral to the University Disciplinary Committee with a possible consequent fine, or expulsion from papers or the University.

For more information visit www.security.auckland.ac.nz.

Go to the ICT Statute 2007


Network login

All students who are eligible to use our computing labs will have a university wide login account called NetLogin or NetAccount to allow access to the computer network, and this will remain the same throughout their period of time at The University of Auckland.

The login name is your username. A limited amount of disk space will be allocated to each user on the network, for the storage of configuration files and any coursework related material.

Undergraduate accounts will be deleted and re-created each year over the summer break which will result in everything saved on the network being destroyed, and it will be the students' responsibility to save any wanted files before the end of the second semester of each year.

These accounts are for the use of the designated person only. No one should use another person's account, nor should they divulge their password to any other person.

Students are responsible for any costs incurred through the use of their account, no matter how these costs may arise. This includes printing, external email (including incoming email), and external network access. Any queries should initially be directed to individual departments.

Part I students who have enquiries about their accounts should approach the lab staff. All other students should refer to their respective departmental administrators, a list of whom will be displayed on the notice boards.


Accessing computer labs

Attention is drawn in particular to the following specific items which represent key issues:

  • Food and drink must not be brought into the labs.
  • Users must keep the labs quiet and tidy when they are working in the labs.
  • Users must use computer facilities only as instructed by lecturers and lab supervisors.
  • Computers must not be used for anything other than Engineering coursework.
  • No one is allowed to use, or attempt to use any other users' computer accounts.
  • Users must not interfere with the normal operational controls in the system or try to alter the default system names or settings. Systems must be left running in the state in which they are found.
  • Users must not attempt to overcome any system imposed controls or limits.
  • Unauthorised programs of any sort must not to be installed and run onto any computers in the labs.
  • Software or data on faculty computers should not be copied, altered or removed.
  • Copies of other people's files and materials must not be made without written authority subject to the Copyright Act 1994.
  • Before leaving a machine work should be saved and the computer logged off. It will be assumed that any machine found unattended has been finished with and it will be shut down or passed over to another user where people are waiting for access. No attempt will be made to save any current work.
  • Laptop computers that are connected into the network must only be used in specifically designated areas. No existing equipment is allowed to be unplugged from the network for any reason, and nor laptop computers be plugged into sockets intended for existing lab equipment.
  • Users must provide proof of identity if requested by laboratory staff, and promptly comply with requests made individually or to a group.

Please note: classes may be scheduled to use the Teaching Labs (1.307, 1.311, 1.312, and 3.409) at certain times during each semester and during these classes the labs are not available for general student use.