Faculty of Engineering

Copy And Print Services FAQs

Find answers to common questions about the copy and print services available at the Faculty of Engineering.


What if nothing comes out of the printer after I have clicked 'Print' at the print station?

  • Make sure that you have used the ‘Print’ command in the application you were using on the PC (eg, File > Print in MS Word).
  • Make sure you have highlighted the document on the screen at the MFD (Multi-Function Device) or print station by clicking on the document, and then click the print button.
  • If nothing happens, check that you have enough money for the size of document you are printing. You may need to add more money onto your copy and print balances.

What do I do if a printer jams, or says it is out of paper/toner?

Ask local IT staff to rectify the problem for you. You will not be charged for any pages that do not print.

What do I do if pages come out of the printer blank, unreadable, or the wrong format?

First have a look at the printer settings on your computer, and make sure everything is set to how you want the document to come out.

If your settings are correct, ask the local IT staff for help.

For instructions on how to print, see Copy and print service.


Printing in colour

Yes, you can. All ICs, most libraries, faculty and campus-based laboratories have colour printers or MFDs.

Change settings for printing single / double sided

Set duplex 'On/Off' under Printer Properties in the application you are printing from.

How do I print several slides from PowerPoint?

  1. Click on File > Print.
  2. Under ‘Settings’ - click on ‘Full Page Slides’ and from the drop-down menu, choose the numbers of ‘Pages per Sheet’ Handout options.
  3. Click on ‘Print’.

Where can I use cash to add money to my copy and print balances?

You can use $1 and $2 coins and notes to add to your copy and print balances at the autoloader located at Kate Edger Information Commons.

Can I use EFTPOS to add money to my copy and print balances?

Yes. The IC Helpdesks accept EFTPOS and credit cards. You can also use the self-service ePOS stations to add money to your copy and print balances via EFTPOS at the Engineering Library.

Why isn’t the money added at the autoloader appearing in my copy and print balances?

If you have used the autoloader and money hasn’t been correctly added onto your copy and print balances, take your receipt and ask staff at the IC Helpdesk to investigate.

Can I get a refund of the money left on my copy and print balances?

Faculty and department allocated credit is non-refundable.

Any remaining balance from credit personally added is refundable.