Ivan Siahaan

Ivan is completing a Master of Engineering Studies. He is currently working as a Geothermal Inspector for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Indonesia.

Ivan Siahaan_MEngSt

“I wanted to study in New Zealand because of its beautiful scenery – I much prefer tramping in New Zealand nature than sightseeing historical buildings in Europe. New Zealand is also famous for renewable energy production from geothermal power plants, and many geothermal experts in Indonesia graduated from the University of Auckland. I wanted to play a part in geothermal development from the point of view of an environmental engineer.

“The environmental impact from the exploration of minerals, as well as producing energy currently significantly deteriorates the environment. I want to support sustainable mineral exploration and energy production whilst keeping the impact to the environment as minimal as possible.

“My degree in Master of Engineering studies focuses on a wide range of environmental aspects, including looking at surface water quality, urban stormwater management, water resource engineering, soil contamination and waste water treatment. I love the variation I get in this degree, and the broad experience I get from it.

“I work as a geothermal inspector (environmental impact analyst) in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in the Republic of Indonesia. I wanted to broaden my knowledge in this field to be able to apply the skills I’ve learned to this job, which is why I decided to study this programme. I will return to this role in Indonesia at the culmination of my studies.

“What I love about studying at the University of Auckland is the access to so many academic resources and tools, and the supportive culture that makes you want to push yourself to do better. It’s great to have met so many international and Kiwi students – building relationships that will be so important for my career in geothermal engineering.

“My advice to anybody considering this programme is to find your passion, and pursue that objective with the rich array of resources that the University of Auckland provides to you”.