Eryn Kwon

Eryn completed a Master of Engineering. She is now working towards her PhD which focuses on developing new techniques for forensic research.

Eryn Kwon_ME

Eryn Kwon completed a Master of Engineering. She is currently studying towards a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

“I really enjoyed my undergraduate engineering degree, and decided that I wanted to continue learning. I decided to do a Master of Engineering, and then go on to PhD level in Mechanical Engineering.

“My research topic is based around developing both physical and computational models to study ballistic cranial blood spatter – this involves simulation and modelling ballistic impact on a human head to develop a viable model to be used in forensic research and studies. I find this research really interesting, and it really feels that it will make a positive difference in society.

“I love everything about my programme – the laboratory facilities and the resources available are incredible. However, it’s the supervisors, lab technicians and other students who make my programme amazing. All the tutors are so passionate about teaching, and will often spend extra time to make sure the students understand difficult concepts and have a positive learning experience. In the long term my goals are to do something that I am passionate about, which I hope involves teaching in a university so I am able to share my knowledge with others.

“I enjoy always having a challenge to work on – coming up with a solution to a problem is always thrilling. The fact that my research might contribute to making the world a safer place definitely drives me".