Alex Diaz

Alex completed a Master of Energy. He now works as a geothermal engineer in the Research and Development Team of MB Century.

Alexandre Rivera Diaz_MEnergy_MB Century-1

“New Zealand is one of the leading countries in geothermal energy development – it’s fourth in the world for installed geothermal power capacity. I’m originally from Mexico, but I decided to pursue the Master of Energy in New Zealand because I wanted to learn from leading experts in the field of geothermal experts, get hands on experience, and to contribute to the development of geothermal energy technology. During my degree, I had the opportunity to create a network of people related to my area of study, and had was able to share my final research project with the geothermal energy community by publishing it in a scientific journal.

“I developed a thorough knowledge of geothermal energy technology, which is fundamental in my current job with MB Century, an energy service company based in Taupo that specialises in geothermal power projects in New Zealand and overseas. I am currently working with the research and development team in the Reservoir Engineering Department to finalise a new high-temperature well logging tool capable of imaging the inner condition of the pipe in geothermal wells. This tool incorporates sensors that collect data whilst it is downhole, identifying possible problems such as corrosion, cracks, scaling or holes in the pipe. This information is vital for clients with geothermal energy assets to decide what kind of procedure needs to be carried out in order to address these issues for wells that provide steam to generate electricity for thousands of people.

“Every day in my role brings a new challenge, and I love the opportunity to be innovative, and provide sustainable, environmentally friendly energy”.