Faculty of Engineering

Assessment information

There are two examination periods each year; June and October/November. Additionally, this information is relevant for examinations taken during Summer School.

  • Exam timetables will no longer be posted out.
  • You will receive an email to your University email address once it becomes available.
  • You can then sign in and print your exam timetable from Student Services Online.
  • Please make sure you also read and understand the advice and regulations information included in the email.


Calculator specifications

There are specific regulations regarding the type of calculator you are permitted to use during tests and exams. This description defines a “Restricted Calculator” in the Faculty of Engineering:

  • Your calculator must comply with the general calculator requirements in the University of Auckland Calendar.
  • No alphanumeric calculators - your calculator must not have the full alphabet on/available from the keyboard.
  • No graphing ability.
  • Your calculator must not have wireless/wired communication capability to another calculator or computer.
  • Your department may have further requirements for calculator specifications.
  • A typical complying calculator is the Casio FX82 or equivalent.

If in doubt, check with your department course adviser well in advance of exams. If you bring a suspect or non-complying calculator into a test or exam, it will be removed and held for checking. Your name will be recorded in case further action is necessary.


Return of exam scripts

You can apply for a copy or original of your examination script, within a certain timeframes.

See more information and how to apply online



Illness or misfortune during examinations

If you are absent from an examination due to temporary illness or personal misfortune you may be eligible for an Aegrotat Pass or Compassionate Consideration. In order to apply for an aegrotat pass or compassionate consideration:

  1. You must attempt the examination if at all possible.
  2. Your illness or other misfortune must effect your examination preparation or performance.
  3. You must see a doctor on the day of the examination, or in the fortnight before the examination or your examination preparation is impaired. You MUST obtain a medical certificate detailing your condition.
  4. You must submit the appropriate application form from the University Health and Counselling Service within one week after the affected examination, or if more than one examination was affected, then within one week of the last examination affected.

Any medical or other evidence must support that you were either unable to attend the examination, or your examination performance was affected. A medical examination must be conducted on the day of the examination.

Your lecturer may recommend an aegrotat or compassionate grade if you completed your course work throughout the course to a level well above average. If your course work was below this level, your lecturer will base their recommendation on:

  • Your year of work.
  • Your performance in current examinations, including an examination in another subject.

Ultimately, the University Senate will make a final decision for awarding an aegrotat or compassionate pass.

More information is available from the University of Auckland website.


What to do if you miss a test

Tests contributing to your final grade and held under examination conditions are subject to the same rules for aegrotat and compassionate consideration.

Address your application to the University Health Services, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142, or hand in your application to University Health Services, Information Commons, City Campus.

More information is available from the University of Auckland website.



What to do if you miss an assignment

If you do not hand an assignment in on time you should contact the course co-ordinator for an extension, rather than an exemption. If you are unable to get an extension you need to complete an "Application for Exemption from on-going Assessment in Engineering" form.

You must provide a medical certificate or other evidence to support your reason for missing the assignment. You will be advised of the outcome of your application.