Faculty of Engineering

Finding practical work

The practical work component of your BE(Hons) gives you hands-on experience in the industrial workplace, and measures your ability to complete a formal written engineering report.

You must complete 800 hours of practical work as part of the BE(Hons) programme, and submit reports about your work. You will normally undertake your practical work during the summer break at the end of Parts II and III.

Each period of work experience should be with a different employer to give you a broader range of experience.

If you have a scholarship or internship with a company, then you can do all your practical work with that company.


How do I find an employer?

We have steps in place to help you find a suitable position for your practical work experience:

  1. Firstly you will need an effective CV and cover letter. You should attend one of the CV and cover letter workshops held throughout the year in the faculty.
  2. Included on the online registration form page is a Find an employer’ link. Select your engineering specialisation and the country you are seeking employment in to view a list of relevant organisations. Use this resource as a means of locating potential employers in the area you wish to work.
  3. If you have any industrial contacts within your chosen discipline, this is a good start.
  4. Search online directory of New Zealand businesses.
  5. You will receive email notification (to your 'username@aucklanduni.ac.nz' email address) of vacancies which the faculty is aware of. Keep an eye on your University inbox if you want to be in front!

Still need help?

CV and interview workshops are held throughout the year in the faculty. Make sure you attend one.

The Employer Liaison Manager can help you in submitting a professional application, provide support and direction. Contact directly for an appointment.