Faculty of Engineering

Department representatives

The Practical Work Committee has representatives from each Engineering department.  They are available to discuss what the department requirements are in relation to your chosen engineering specisaliation and confirm whether the work you have chosen will meet those requirements.

You must complete 800 hours of practical work as part of the BE(Hons) programme and submit reports about your work.  You will undertake your practical work during the summer break at the end of Parts II and III.


Help and advice

The practical work component of your BE(Hons) gives you hands-on experience in the industrial workplace, and measures your ability to complete a formal written engineering report.

If you are unsure whether or not the work you are undertaking is suitable for your department, please contact your Practical Work Committee department representative.

Faculty of Engineering Practical Work Committee


Biomedical Engineering rep

Civil & Environmental Engineering rep

Electrical & Electronic Engineering rep

Software Engineering rep

Chemical & Materials Engineering rep

Computer Systems Engineering rep

Engineering Science rep

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering rep