Faculty of Engineering

Swipe card activation

Engineering students should complete and submit the following form in order to activate their swipe card for access to authorised areas.

Conditions of use

  • The card is for your own personal use only and must not be given to others.
  • Should you misuse the card, it will be forfeited along with any access granted.
  • You will produce and/or surrender the card immediately, upon request by any UniSafe Officer.
  • Should the card be lost or stolen, you must advise us immediately by phoning UniSafe on ext 85000, to deactivate your card.
  • When the card is no longer required, you must return it to a student services desk.


Payment is required at the time the card is issued.

New card  (issued by the Faculty of Engineering) $6
Replacement card   $25

: A replacement card will not be issued unless your current card has been deactivated.

Please enter your details in the form below. You will be unable to submit it unless all fields are complete.

Please ensure the information you have provided is correct, before you submit it.