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AUEA scholarship recipients

It is never financially easy being a student. Read how being being awarded an AUEA scholarship made a difference to these recipients.

AUEA Scholarship Recipients 2016 Update

The recipients of the 2016 AUEA Scholarships updated us on their progress.

AUEA Ardmore Fund Undergraduate

Dylan Budler - "I am in my third year of an Engineering and Commerce conjoint degree and am currently pursuing a semester exchange program at the prestigious University of Virginia.  The generous funding provided by the AUEA scholarship has significantly relieved my financial pressure and has enabled me to focus on my studies, sporting endeavours and other activities at both the University of Auckland and on my semester abroad. So far I have toured the east coast of the United States as a representative of the University club field hockey team, hiked national parks with the outdoors club, and been an ambassador for the University of Auckland at various functions and exchange fairs. I attribute these experiences and many more to the financial support provided by this scholarship."   

Russell Stewart - “I’m nearing the end of my third year of study towards a conjoint degree in engineering science and mathematics. This year I was very fortunate to be awarded an AUEA Ardmore Fund scholarship. Receiving this award has supported me in a number of ways. Firstly, it is uplifting recognition of hard work. There are often times when it feels overwhelming trying to juggle work, university and personal-life commitments. But receiving an award such as this gives me constant encouragement to keep working hard, and focus on the end goals, especially in the most challenging times. Secondly, there is the generous financial assistance that came with the scholarship. Having worked to pay off my first degree, I am well aware what a big difference financial contributions to one’s fees will make. Finally, receiving this scholarship and attending associated events has given me another important avenue to meet inspiring students and inspiring people from the industry.The generous support and initiatives of AUEA are a reminder of the importance of supporting the growth of an industry from the ground up and giving back wherever possible.”

Kristy Leung - "Third year into my mechanical engineering degree and I am still having fun and enjoying my courses and life at university. A large part of the sense of fulfillment I have gained has been due to the extra-curricular activities I have been involved in, such as being a Women in Engineering Network (WEN) leader, UoA Ambassador, data entry and analysis role and volunteering at my local church. Receiving the AUEA scholarship has enabled me to continue these involvements with extra energy knowing that a significant financial burden has been lifted. I hope to continue to inspire and support the female engineering students in our faculty through my involvement in mentoring with WEN and carry on fostering these relationships as I transition into industry."

AUEA Scholarship

Farmehr Farhour - “With the generous support of the AUEA scholarship I have managed to successfully progress through my third year of studies in Bachelor of Commerce and Engineering (Hons) conjoint degree. I was humbled to have been awarded the scholarship in 2016, which significantly helped me focus more on my studies and extra-curricular activities by reducing work hours. This, of course, led to a more successful year overall, with having achieved all the goals I had previously set myself for the year. “

Clara Todd - “I’m just finishing my third year in a conjoint degree in Engineering (specialising in Mechatronics) and Arts and I have had a very enjoyable year both academically and outside the university. It’s been fantastic to receive the AUEA Scholarship, so that some of the financial stress from university could be reduced. The scholarship has contributed to me being able to spend my free time continuing my tutoring, mentoring and sporting commitments, while still successfully meeting my academic goals.”

Isidora Labra Odde - “The AUEA scholarship has provided me with financial support at a critical time in my studies as I complete my penultimate year of my BE(Hons). AUEA is an integral part of the University of Auckland engineering community, it is therefore a privilege to have my efforts acknowledged by the association. This award has reduced my financial burden and encouraged me to continue working hard in my studies and in projects outside of university.”

Misha Garg - “I'm currently a third year student pursuing a bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering. The generous scholarship from AUEA has allowed me to focus on my studies and extra-curricular activities without having to worry about my finances. It was inspiring to hear the accomplishments of my peers on the night, and I am thankful to have developed invaluable connections that will stay with me throughout my career.”

Xiaohang (Helen) Fu - “I am very appreciative to have been selected as a recipient of the AUEA scholarship. I am now in my third year of my BE(Hons) in Biomedical Engineering. The scholarship has significantly lightened my financial burden and allowed me to dedicate more of my time to studying during a busy second semester. The scholarship has also encouraged me to work hard towards becoming a professional engineer and give back to the community in the future.”

Todd Mataga Awardees

Richard Todd - “The Todd Mataga Scholarship for 2016 has been of huge value for me, allowing me to focus fully on achieving my best with my studies as I work through my final year of Engineering. I would like to thank everybody involved with this wonderful award.”

Sarah Buckland - “The Todd Mataga AUEA award has helped me to feel financially secure. It has also inspired me to continue to strive to achieve highly in my studies and participate in a variety of activities.”

AUEA Braithwaite-Thompson Graduate Research Awards

Frank Lehmann - "For a research project, I went to Hokkaido University in Japan and studied there for ten weeks. The AUEA Graduate research award helped me to focus on analysing data and thus sped up an important part of my PhD."

AUEA Scholarship Recipients 2015 Update


Some of the recipients of last year’s AUEA scholarships updated us on their progress, and described how the scholarship had helped them in their studies.

Danielle Gatland - “I’m now in my fourth year of a conjoint degree of Engineering (Engineering Science) and Commerce. Last year, I was lucky to be a recipient of the AUEA Ardmore Fund Undergraduate Scholarship. The support from this scholarship enabled me to reduce my work hours during semester last year, without feeling financially pressured. I was then able to spend more time on my studies, which led to a very successful year in my courses. It also allowed me to be able to continue with my co-curricular activities, including being class representative for my year group, and playing hockey."

Craig Piggott – “I’m currently in my fourth year of a BE(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. This year the workload has increased significantly with the addition of our 4th year project on top of the usual step up in the level of content being learnt, but more significantly from the constant networking with external companies to try and secure a graduate role for 2017.  Being able to purely focus on these aspects is a lot easier and more enjoyable with the financial relief that the AUEA scholarship has provided me. The prestige of such an award cannot be valued, and has already helped me form connections that will benefit my career and other aspects of my life for many years to come.”

Shanshan Zhang – “Thanks to the AUEA scholarship, I was able to complete my research and submit my thesis last July without worrying about financial problems. I achieved an A grade for my thesis, and hugely enjoyed my research. I am currently working towards obtaining employment in a forward-thinking company that offers a long-term career path. I wish to establish myself and also be able to help others someday.”

Matthew Battley – “Thanks to the generous support of the AUEA Scholarship, I have been able to continue balancing the engineering studies which I so enjoy with my extra-curricular pursuits running and leading the Auckland University Tramping Club. I find that this balance provides me not only with a fulfilling, varied university experience but also gives countless opportunities to hone the social and organisational skills that are such a crucial part of professional engineering. I am now in the fourth year of my five-year BE(Hons)/BSc conjoint degree and continue to find that the two degrees complement each other effectively. Over the summer I worked at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare on an R&D project for the Humidity Technology Team. This provided me with the new experience of working in a very large, yet still endlessly innovative engineering company, having worked at the much smaller Rocket Lab Ltd in the past. This year I am returning to collaborate with Rocket Lab for my Final year project."