AUEA Champions Event: Land Development under the Unitary Plan Event as iCalendar


24 May 2017

5:30 - 7:30pm

Venue: Building 902, Room 402, Newmarket Campus

Location: 314-390 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket

Host: CKL


CKL will be hosting this Champions event, which focuses on the topic of 'Land Development under the Unitary Plan (operative in Part) with a focus on sustainable and water sensitive design. 

Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

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Associate Professor Gerard Rowe

Deputy Dean (Teaching) 
Faculty of Engineering
University of Auckland

Gerard's research interests lie in the areas of radio systems, electromagnetics, bioelectromagnetics, communications and engineering education.

Within the areas of radio systems and electromagnetics, his research is concentrated on developing improved techniques for prediction of mobile radio path loss, on multiple obstacle diffraction loss modelling, on improvements in physical layer modelling of mobile ad hoc networks and on weak signal detection including its application in cognitive radio systems.

His research interests in  the area of bioelectromagnetics are concerned with evaluation of aspects of the New Zealand Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Standard, with the interaction between weak (non-thermal) electromagnetic fields and biological tissue and in the therapeutic and diagnostic applications of electromagnetic fields.

His engineering education research is centred on identification of threshold concepts in electrical engineering, in the development of intelligent tutoring systems, the secondary-to-tertiary transition, the impact of peer-marking, improved academic performance for at-risk students, improved diagnostic instruments, identifying strategies for acquainting academic staff with better teaching pedagogies and investigation of student learning styles.

Bronwyn Rhynd

Bronwyn Rhynd


Bronwyn joined CKL as a Director in 2015 bringing her team of Stormwater Solutions specialists to CKL. 

Bronwyn is an environmental engineer with broad experience across many of New Zealand’s environmental and civil engineering projects.

Starting out as a civil engineer, Bronwyn has forged a reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the water resource area with a focus on stormwater treatment, disposal, and management. Bronwyn’s specialist knowledge and expertise has been called upon by the Environment Court where she provided expert witness testimony.

Bronwyn has consulted to private and public sector clients on a range of environmental projects; a number of which have received national acclaim for their innovative approach to stormwater management design, treatment, and attenuation.

Recent projects encompass all aspects of stormwater engineering including erosion and sediment control, flood and flow regulation, as well as wastewater and stormwater treatment and disposal.

Dedicated to the advancement of the industry and in support of professional education and development, Bronwyn regularly contributes to local and international conferences. 

Geoff Webster

Geoff Webster


Geoff joined CKL in 2000 and was appointed as a Director in 2006. 

A highly experienced surveyor, Geoff has worked with surveying and civil engineering firms in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

Geoff has designed and project managed a diverse range of land development projects in Auckland, including residential and commercial greenfield subdivisions, intensive urban renewal developments, and developments within the social and affordable housing sector.
Geoff has a personal interest in urban design and sustainable development solutions and brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to projects in these fields. 

Geoff adds significant value to clients by ensuring their development visions are aligned with current best practice.

Chad Croft

Chad Croft

Environmental Lead

Chad is the lead environmental scientist at CKL managing a team of environmental engineers focused on delivering high quality and innovative Three Waters Management, flood risk assessment, environmental impact assessment and terrestrial and aquatic ecology assessment in support of a diversity of land development initiatives.