Faculty of Engineering

2016 AUEA ENGage Alumni Event

Alumni gathered in the Faculty of Engineering building for an evening to say goodbye to the old building before the new building project begins. Check out the photo gallery to see if you can spot any familiar faces!


Centred around a demolition theme, the event was held in the Faculty of Engineering buiding, and alumni had an opportunity to tour their old laboratories and classrooms before the extensive redevelopment programme begins. Professor Nic Smith, alongside development manager Matt MacDougall, spoke to alumni about the new University of Auckland campaign 'For all our Futures', and guests were treated to slideshows of images from the Ardmore days. 

Two AUEA scholarships were awarded by Brent Meekan on the evening, and we would like to extend our congratulations to the recipients.

Dr Nasser Giacaman received the AUEA Teaching Excellence Award, which recognises, encourages and reward excellence in teaching which has had a demonstrable effect on student preparation for engagement in the engineering community. Nasser commenced his relationship with the University of Auckland in 2002 as a student in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme, followed by a PhD in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) completed in 2010. His disciplinary research interest includes Parallel Programming, particularly focusing on high-level languages in the context of desktop and mobile applications running on multi-core systems. A number of tools stemming from his PhD have been released to the open-source community on the ParallelIT website. Following the completion of his PGCert in Academic Practice in 2014, he is now researching Software Engineering Education by driving the development of tools and apps to help students learn difficult programming concepts. Extending his interest in Software Engineering Education, another research interest is investigating other Education domains, particularly in software for mathematics and STEM education. 

Dr Yusuke Hioka received the AUEA Emerging Researcher Award, which recognises excellence in emerging research which has had a demonstrable effect on the engineering community. He joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2014, after many years working in industry. His research specialises in audio and acoustic signal processing, with a particular focus on microphone arrays. This technology allows the emphasis of sound arriving from particular directions. Besides audio and acoustic signal processing, his research also focuses on technologies related to sound, such as speech, audiology, and linguistics. 

We would like to extend our thanks to all who came along to this event, and hope to see you again at our wide range of alumni events planned for 2017!




Please enjoy the selection of photographs from the evening

If you would like high-quality versions of any of the photos, please email Jess Finucane on j.finucane@auckland.ac.nz with the file name.