Faculty of Engineering


A donation to the AUEA is a way of acknowledging the benefits we have enjoyed as a result of our education at the faculty.


There are two principal funds:

These funds have been established for different purposes and when considering a donation, you should think carefully about which fund you choose to donate to.


AUEA Charitable Trust

Charities Commission Registration No. CC23239

The AUEA Charitable Trust was established in 2006 by the AUEA to own, manage and disburse funds gifted to it. It is free to disperse both funds gifted and interest earned at any time in support of the faculty and its strategic objectives.

Funds raised by the AUEA will be received by the AUEA Charitable Trust and until it is expended they will be invested through the AUEA Endowment Fund unless otherwise directed or for legal reasons.


AUEA Endowment Fund

The AUEA Endowment Fund is a longer term initiative developed in conjuntion with The University of Auckland Foundation for the benefit of the Faculty of Engineering. Distributions from the fund are limited to the investment income earned less inflation to maintain the real value of the fund.

The fund is made up of donations and bequests as a result of fundraising by the AUEA, the Faculty of Engineering and the University. Its funds are invested with The University of Auckland Foundation. All costs of the investment management and administration are paid for by the foundation at no cost to the fund.

The target capital sum of $5 million is expected to provide an annual, inflation adjusted, income of approximately $300,000. The funds will be preserved as capital, with earnings from the capital used to perpetually fund scholarships and research.

Management of the fund is under control of the AUEA Endowment Fund Board consisting of the three Trustees of the AUEA Charitable Trust, two nominees of the University and one nominee of The University of Auckland Foundation.



Other funds

Various other targeted funds exist, and are also strongly supported by AUEA.

  • The Ardmore Fund - set up by Ardmore-era alumni provides scholarships for undergraduate study.
  • The Segedin Fund - an endowment fund with a target of $600,000 in memory of Cecil Segedin to provide scholarships in Engineering Science and Mathematics.

You can nominate that your donation goes to either one of these funds.


How will my donation be used?

When making a donation you may specify how your donation could be used. You could specify it to be used for:

  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Equipment

The faculty is currently undertaking a major refurbishment and expansion of the existing buildings. There will be opportunities in the near future to support the building project, such as naming rights and gifts of equipment.


How can I donate?

Simply fill in and return the donations form.

No amount is too small. Should you wish to donate regular amounts we would be delighted to receive this.

Contact the AUEA office and we can help you to set this up.

Alumni who are contemplating large donations or bequests, or who are giving from overseas, should discuss this in advance with the AUEA office.

Copies of the AUEA Charitable Trust Deed and further information on bequests can be obtained from the AUEA office.

Together we can make a difference to the Faculty of Engineering which has had such a dramatic impact on our lives and careers.

AUEA Donations form
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