Faculty of Engineering

AUEA Committee

The AUEA Committee are a group of alumni and faculty staff members dedicated to this organisation. The full committee meet once every two months at the faculty and are actively involved in organising events for engineering alumni as well as managing AUEA related scholarships. If you would like to become a part of the committee, please contact Matt Thomson- AUEA President



Current holder: Matthew Thompson (BE Civil, 1991)
Matthew provides overall leadership and governance to the AUEA Executive. He liaises with the faculty, with responsibility for understanding of and reporting on how AUEA can best support the faculty to the AUEA Executive. He develops and drives the AUEA strategic planning and implementation process, prepared in consultation with the alumni, faculty and AUEA Charitable Trust.

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Vice President

Current holder: Pricilla Chung  (ME Environmental 2008)

Pricilla's role is to support the AUEA President


Current holder: Peter McGregor (ME Civil, 1971)

Peter's role involves keeping records of the income and expenses of the AUEA and arrange for audited end of year accounts so that the financial position of the AUEA can be monitored.



Current holder: Sharon Andersen

Sharon is responsible for the administrative aspects of running the AUEA committee meetings

AUEA Scholarships

Current holder: John Duder (BE Civil, 1960) with Priscilla Chung (ME Environmental, 2008)

John and Priscilla oversee the annual awarding of the following scholarships:
• AUEA Scholarship
• AUEA Ardmore Fund Undergraduate Scholarship
• Todd Mataga AUEA Award
• AUEA Braithwaite Thompson Graduate Award
• Cecil Segedin Undergraduate Scholarship in Engineering Science

AUEA Associate Programme

Current holder: Dean Kimpton (ME Resource Engineering, 2001)

Dean manages the AUEA Associate programme which provides the opportunity for engineering companies to become members and form a strategic partnership focused on supporting AUEA and the faculty. In return, associates receive benefits which assist the associate, the AUEA and the faculty in furthering mutual objectives.

AUEA Alumni Workplace Programme

Current holder: Matthew Thomson (BE Civil, 1991) with Priscilla Chung (ME Environmental, 2008) and Mohammad Rahman (ME Construction Management, 2010)

This portfolio assists in raising the profile and engagement of AUEA and Faculty with industry through meetings with friends and alumni at their workplace.

AUEA Membership Engagement

Current holder: Neil Purdie (BE Mechanical, 1984)

This role involves keeping in touch with current alumni and helping to locate alumni with whom we have lost contact.

AUES Liaison

Current holder: Dr Gerard Rowe (PhD General Engineering, 1985)

Gerard liaises with Auckland University Engineers Society (AUES) President, Charlotte Davis, to find out when students are holding events so he can get AUEA involved either by way of sponsorship or by having members attend and support.

Full list of current AUEA Committee members

Matthew Thomson (BE Civil, 1991), President AUEA / AUEA Alumni Workplace Programme
Priscilla Chung (ME Environmental, 2008), Vice President AUEA, AUEA Scholarships / AUEA Alumni Workplace Programme
Peter McGregor (ME Civil, 1971),Treasurer
Sharon Andersen, Secretary
David Carter (ME Civil, 1985)
Dean Kimpton (ME Resource Engineering, 2001), Past President AUEA / AUEA Associate Programme
John Duder (BE Civil, 1960), AUEA Scholarships
Dr Bruce Goodfellow (PhD, Chemical and Materials, 1980), AUEA
Mohammad Rahman (ME Construction Management, 2010), AUEA Alumni Workplace Programme
Neil Purdie (BE Mechanical,1984), AUEA Alumni Engagement
Neil Carter (BE Civil, 1972)
Dr Mai Tran (PhD Chemical and Materials, 2008)
Aaron Wood
Professor Nic Smith, Dean of Faculty
Dr Bruce Melville (PhD Civil, 1976)
Dr Gerard Rowe (PhD General Engineering, 1985)
Student Representative: President AUES
Rebecca Bain: Marketing and Communications Manager, Faculty of Engineering