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Postgraduate programme structure

Our postgraduate programmes are designed to ensure that you have a solid grounding in discipline-based expertise. Our culture of collaborative teams and dynamic research themes, fosters the free flow of ideas across disciplines, and result in exciting innovation and technology solutions between industry and academia.

Learning Pathways

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Engineering learning pathways

*Subject to approval and requires a sufficient GPA. Email foe-postgrad-admin@auckland.ac.nz for more information.

Postgraduate diplomas

  • A postgraduate diploma is a programme of study of 120 points.
  • Duration is usually two semesters of full-time study.
  • Requires completion of an appropriate undergraduate degree with passes in specified pre-requisite courses.
  • Consists of a specific set of courses to incorporate operations research to build on your undergraduate specialisation.

Postgraduate certificates

  • A postgraduate certificate is a programme of study of 60 points.
  • Duration is usually one semester of full-time study.
  • Applicants should hold a bachelors degree, an equivalent qualification or have extensive appropriate experience.
  • Each programme comprises of specific required courses.

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Masters degrees

  • A masters degree is a programme of study of 120 points.
  • Duration is usually two semesters of full-time study.
  • Can consist of either research, course work or a combination of both.
  • Available in engineering specialisations with opportunities in chosen fields.

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Doctoral degree

  • A PhD provides a qualification for students who intend pursuing an academic or research career.
  • Duration is usually three to four years of full-time study.
  • Requires a first class honours or second class honours first division Bachelor of Engineering degree; or a masters degree with first class honours or second class honours first division standard; or comparable qualifications.
  • A PhD is a programme of advanced, independent and original research, concluding in a thesis on the conduct and results of the research.
  • Acceptance is subject to the availability of staff for supervision and appropriate facilities.

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Higher degree

A Doctor of Engineering degree is awarded for an original contribution (or contributions) of special excellence to the candidate’s field of expertise, in published form. Candidates are usually graduates of The University of Auckland or another New Zealand university, and cannot present for consideration for the degree until at least eight years after graduation from their first degree.

The Degree of Doctor of Engineering (DEng) regulations