Faculty of Engineering

Health & Safety

The following information is intended for all staff and students working within the Faculty of Engineering. It is not intended to be a complete guide but provides safety documents and useful information to help work safely.


Health, safety and wellness is a major part of our commitment to being a responsible and responsive employer - and to providing a safe, productive workplace of choice for staff and students alike.

For detailed information about safety around the campus, refer to the University of Auckland's Health and Safety Manual.

Download our Health & Safety Manual

Personal safety and emergency contacts

If you find yourself in an emergency here is some information that might help you solve the situation as quickly as possible.

Visit the University website for information on personal safety and contacts.

Reporting accidents, incidents or injuries

Every workplace accident - whether it happens to someone on campus or someone doing University work off campus - must be recorded straight away on an accident/incident report.

Visit the University website for forms to report incidents or injuries.


First aid officers

Department Name Ext
Chemical & Materials Engineering Laura Liang 85810
Alec Asadov 87258
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Geoff Kirby 87255
Jim Luo 87255
Mark Liew 88171
Elizabeth Fassman 84540
Mark Twiname (CPR only) 87269
Electrical & Computer Engineering Vic Church 84598
Howard Lu 87011
Rob Champion 87415
Wai Yeung 88172
Kavitha Penneru 87378
Engineering Science Kim Williams 88392
Yuting Zhu 83253
Mechanical Engineering Alan Eaton 87310
Jos Geurts 87251
Engineering IT Barry Fullerton 83083
Technical Services Malcolm McCarthy 87016
Engineering Student Centre Jamie Protheroe 88120

Emergency equipment

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

The Faculty of Engineering provides automated defibrillator machines at the following locations:

Building Level Location
401 4 Main entrance reception area, on the wall outside the First Aid room.
401 12 Common Room, on the wall near the main entrance.
402 2 Engineering workshops, on the wall in the tea room.
439 6 Auckland Bioengineering Institute, on the wall in reception area.
303 1 Concourse (303.100.C2) in a wall cabinet.
740 1 CACM main reception area.
902 1 Reception at Newmarket Campus

Should you need to use an AED, open up the lid and a recorded message will tell you exactly what to do.

There is no chance of accidently harming anyone by prematurely attaching them to an AED as it will not release a charge unless it detects a pre-determined condition in the patient.

If in doubt …… attach it, and follow the instructions!

Registered electrical licence holders

Name Department Qualification
Frank Wu Chemical and Materials Electrician
Sunita Bhide Electrical and Computer Electrical Service Technician - A
Vic Church Electrical and Computer Registered Electrical Inspector
Howard Lu Electrical and Computer Electrical Service Technician - A & B
Wai Yeung Electrical and Computer Electrical Service Technician - A
Barry Fullerton Mechanical Electrical Service Technician
Jos Geurts Mechanical Electrical Service Technician


Evacuation wardens register

Building Warden - 

John Neal - Room 401.1211, ext 85822 

Deputy Building Warden - 

Elizabeth Chandy - Room 402.407, ext 84447 

Building 401

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
3 Computer labs Jeremy Siau 88497 TBA
3 Atrium Ferdinand Ramos
83032 Sharon Chen 81324
4 Lecture Theatres 401/439 Sharon Chen 81324 Dorothy Tolentino 81325
5 Administration Noletta Baatjes
81975 Angela McMahon 88119
6 Administration Vitus Fernandes 88323 Xinhua Wang 84780
7 Chemical and Materials Mark Jones 84548 Michelle Dickinson 87003
8 Chemical and Materials Cecilia Lourdes 88135 Jessie Mathew 88112
9 Mechanical Anu Sunkari 88203 TBA
10 Mechanical Krishnan Jayaraman 88235 Jason Ingham 87803
11 Civil & Environmental Mags Woo 85715 Pervin Suntoke 87801
12 Civil & Environmental Kepa Morgan 82362 Tam Larkin 88183
12 Common Room/Meeting Room Kepa Morgan 82362 Tam Larkin 88183

Building 402

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
2 Technical Services / Workshop Steve Warrington 88714 Peter Selby 88131
3 John Leech Study Area Ivor Woodfield
87644 Ferdinand Ramos
4 Library Patsy Hulse 88129 Emil Melnichenko 87200
4 Administration Sharon Chen
81324 Dorothy Tolentino 81325

Building 403

Level   Warden ext  Deputy ext
1/2 Aero Laboratories Alan Eaton 87310 Martin Ryder 87254
2 Fluids Laboratories/Plant Room Geoff Kirby 87255 Jim Luo 87255
3 Aero/Industrial Laboratories Sarath Pathirana 86380 Ken Snow 85805
4 Lecture Rooms & Theatre - 401/402/403/404 Bella He 88120 Jamie Protheroe 88120
4 Lecture Rooms & Theatre - 407/408/409/412 Natasha Jethender 88120 Jamie Protheroe 88120
5 Lecture Rooms & Theatre Rob Earl 85364 Logan Stuart 88064
6 Offices Alice Chang

Building 404

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
1 Strengths, Production Test Hall Jeffery Ang 88230 Sujith Padiyara 85811
1 Geomechanics Lab Jeff Melster 85798 Mark Liew 88171
2 Metallurgy Alec Asadov 87258 Steve Strover 85332
3 Structures, SEM/XSAM Catherine Hobbis
87272 TBA
4 C & M Laboratories Frank Wu 85810 Laura Liang 85810
5 Environmental Lab Yantao Sang
88106 Sandra Uy
6 Postgraduates Gary Raftery 88536 TBA  

Building B901 Newmarket

Level  Area Warden (primary) Extn Deputy Extn
3 Reception and Atrium Kim Williams (Receptionist) 81717 Security 85255
3 FSAE Isaac Gregor 021 022 90869  TO BE ASSIGNED  
3 Thermofluids Lab Alan Eaton 87310 Martin Ryder 87254
4 Thermofluids Plant Rooms Alan Eaton 87310 Martin Ryder 87254
5 All Level 5 Nick Velychko 89333 David Le Pelley 82942
6 All Level 6 Milad Naghibi 022 197 2824 Hormoz Etemad 022 388 1365

Building B902 Newmarket

Level  Area Warden (primary) Extn Deputy Extn
1 LMRC and C and M Labs David Cotton 83875 Gordon Agbenyegah  
1 Geomechanics and Transport Labs Bernard Jacobson 81794 Mark Liew 88171
3 CACM Labs Jos Geurts  87251 Callum Turnbull 85740
3 Polymer Chemistry Labs and Breakout Shane Crump 88493 Stephen Cawley 89098
4 Offices and Seminar Room Rupert Storey 85673 Richard Flay 87451

Building B903 Newmarket

Level  Area Warden (primary) Extn Deputy Extn
1 ECE Power Electronics Howard Lu   Sunita Bhide 89097
2 (west) Offices and Meeting Rooms Sujith Padiyara 88171 Sheeja Sajan 89093
2 (east) Offices and Meeting Rooms Ron Etzion 85740 Pretesh Patel 82137
3 ECE Offices and Labs Wai Yeung 89098 Hoda Najafi 84685
4 ECE Offices and Labs Nitish Patel 87451 Michael Neve 85074

Building B904 Newmarket

Level  Area Warden (primary) Extn Deputy Extn
1 Fluids Lab and Pump Room Geoff Kirby  87255 Jim Luo 85143

70 Symonds Street

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
2 Engineering Science Jon Pearce 84970 Yuting Zhu 83253
3 Engineering Science John Cater 87050 Barbara Bradley   87911
4 Engineering Science Sadiq Zarrouk
85542 John O'Sullivan 85353

Building 301 - Science Centre

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
1 Electrical & Computer Howard Lu 87011 Leonid Ostrovsky 88101
2 Electrical & Computer TBA   Sunita Bhide 89097
3 Electrical & Computer Fung Yang 87892 Wai Leung-Yueng 88172

Building 303 - Science Centre

Level   Warden ext Deputy ext
1 Electrical & Computer Udaya Madawala 86496 Kavitha Penneru 87378
2 Electrical & Computer Nitish Patel 88196 Aruna Shandil 88189

Faculty Safety Committee

The Faculty of Engineering Safety Committee is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for everyone who works, studies, visits or conducts business in the Faculty of Engineering.  

Members of the Committee may be contacted by first phoning +64 9 373 7599 followed by their respective extension number.





Nic Smith (Chair)



Liezl Foxcroft (Deputy Chair)


Facilities and Services Manager / First Aid

Sarah Wright (Secretary)



Hayley Schnell


Director of Faculty Operations

Simon Bickerton



Rob Powell


Health & Wellness Manager / Human Resources

Steve Warrington


Workshop Manager, Faculty of Science

Peter Buchanan


Chemical & Materials

Rick Henry


Civil & Environmental

Wai Yeung


Electrical & Computer

Sadiq Zarrouk


Engineering Science



Terms of Reference

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in accordance with the health and safety policies of the University as set out by the Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Advisory Committee.

Terms of Reference
Outlines the purpose of the Faculty of Engineering Safety Committee. (44.6 kB, PDF)

University of Auckland policies

The University of Auckland is committed to achieving best practice in everything we do. Our policies help in this by providing a useful framework of principles and actions for all staff to follow.

Visit the staff intranet for Human Resource policies (staff only).

Visit the University Calendar for the Smoke Free policy.