Faculty of Engineering

Research centres, units & facilities

Beyond our expertise, the Faculty of Engineering also has access to, and are affiliated with a variety of technologically-advanced research centres, units, resources and laboratories.

Opened in 2015, the Newmarket Campus contains around 3,000 pieces of specialist equipment, purpose-built research labs and facilities, and open spaces dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary research environments. Take the video tour now.

Research Institutes, Centres and Units

  • Centre for Infrastructure Research (CIR)
    Established to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to support government and industry in infrastructure research, the centre focuses on evidence-based decision making which brings together expertise from engineering, planning, and economics.
  • Electric Power Optimisation Centre
    Focuses on research that compells modern electricity markets to analyse and develop methods for efficient generation schemes and demand-side participation.
  • Light Metals Research Centre
    A reknowned centre dedicated to developing the light metals industry into one that produces high-value outputs using the world's best manufacturing processes.
  • Transportation Research Centre (TRC)
    Reputable for its excellent research that has enabled the centre to secure major funding from central government and industry sponsors, the TRC is dedicated to developing best practice in planning, design, construction, maintainence and the operations of transport systems.
  • Energy and Fuels Research Unit (EFRU)
    Focused on excelling in the areas of teaching, research and development in energy utilisation and efficiency for the benefit of New Zealand, with an emphasis on environmentally favourable systems.
  • Yacht and Wind Research Unit (YRU)
    Well known for their contributions to the America's Cup, the YRU exists to coordinate and promote research and engineering activities within the University that are related to yacht construction, design and performance.


Laboratories and facilities

Robotics laboratory
staff and students doing wind tunnel research
Testing cyclist aerodynamics in the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

Mechatronics Laboratory

Mobile Field Laboratory (MFL) - for in-situ testing of full-scale structural and geotechnical systems

Nano-mechanical Research Laboratory

Research expertise in Operations Research

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Separation and reaction engineering

Speech processing and technology

Thermodynamics Laboratory