Faculty of Engineering

Manufacturing and materials

The faculty has extensive capability in almost all areas of manufacturing and materials and is working with and for New Zealand companies to convert ideas and intellectual property into final products, and to bring competitive advantage into these companies and their products.

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Advanced ceramics, refractories, reaction bonding, low cost/low temperature ceramic processing technologies
Mark Jones


Coatings and surface technologies

Antifouling, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-reflective
Margaret Hyland, Wei Gao, Bryony James

Analysis through atomic force/scanning probe microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Bryony James, Michael Hodgson, Michelle Dickinson, Margaret Hyland, Colin Doyle

Thin films, porous oxide films
Wei Gao, Margaret Hyland

Thermal spray coatings
Margaret Hyland, Bryony James, Colin Doyle, Peng Cao

Surface chemistry
Bryony James, Margaret Hyland,Colin Doyle, Naresh Singhal, Karnika de Silva

Nanostructured coatings
Wei Gao, Peng CaoMichael Hodgson


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Synthetic fibre composites
Debes Bhattacharyya, Krishnan Jayaraman, Raj Das, Simon Bickerton

Natural fibre composites
Debes Bhattacharyya, Krishnan Jayaraman, Nawawi Chouw, Kepa Morgan, Simon Bickerton

Metal matrix composites
Wei Gao, Richard Lin, Peng Cao, Raj Das, Mark Battley

Wei Gao

Composite/liquid composite moulding, consolidation, prepreg processing
Simon Bickerton

Debes Bhattacharyya

Composite manufacturing and applications
Debes Bhattacharyya, Krishnan Jayaraman, Richard Lin, Raj Das, Piaras Kelly, Simon Bickerton, Mark Battley

Neil Edmonds, Stoyko Fakirov


Electronic materials

Polymer electronics
KC Aw, Morteza Biglari-Abhari, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic

Superconductors, semiconductors, electronic ceramics
Wei Gao, KC Aw

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  • Phase change materials
    for thermal management


Functional materials

Phase-change materials and their production, encapsulation and application
Mohammed Farid

Self-healing materials
Debes Bhattacharyya


Interface and interphase design

Materials analysis

Characterisation, identification, testing, material performance, deformation and fracture, stress testing, modelling, wear
Krishnan Jayaraman, Bryony James, Michael Hodgson, Richard Lin, Peng Cao, Raj Das, Margaret Hyland, Piaras Kelly, Mark Jones, Kepa Morgan, Simon Bickerton, George Ferguson, Mark Battley



Wei Gao, Michael Hodgson, George Ferguson

Magnesium, aluminium and titanium alloys
Wei Gao, Michael Hodgson, Peng Cao, Margaret Hyland

Metal powder processing, metal injection moulding
Peng Cao, Xun Xu, Michael Hodgson, Neil Edmonds, John Cater, Mark Jones, Brent Young, Raj Das

Margaret Hyland, Michael Hodgson, Wei Gao, Peng Cao, George Ferguson, John Chen

Light metals, including smelting technology
Margaret Hyland, Peng Cao, Michael Hodgson, John Chen

Amorphous alloys, rapid solidification
Wei Gao, Peng CaoMichael Hodgson



Wood forming, structured wood composites
Debes Bhattacharyya, Krishnan Jayaraman