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Augmented reality sports environments

The goal of this research is to make augmented reality sports environments a reality.

Augmented reality systems combine real-world data with computer-generated data to produce immersive environments by blending audio, visual and tactile perceptions. It holds enormous potential, for example, in training for different game situations, in practicing technique and obtaining performance feedback.

An augmented reality sports environment consists of multiple sensing components, audio/visual systems, actuators and virtual actors, all of which are integrated into a single distributed system. Each component of the system progresses at its own rate and communicates with other components asynchronously. Data must be predictably processed and co-ordinated to create a realistic environment and this is the focus of our work, demonstrated using cricket.

This technology also has wide application in industrial automation, manufacturing systems and embedded systems design.

Key focus areas/issues

This research will develop:

  • A system level language for designing real time distributed systems.
  • Compilers for automatic code synthesis of the proposed language.
  • Timing analysis tools to compute tight worse-case reaction times.
  • A cricket game emulation using these tools.


Key people

Partha Roop
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Shane Xie
Mechanical Engineering


Partha Roop
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 extn 85583


Related publications

The following publications are from previous relevant research:

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