Faculty of Engineering

Water, power and communications

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Radio propagation, antenna systems
Michael Neve

Indoor wireless systems engineering, interference control and mitigation
Kevin Sowerby, Michael Neve

Mobile communications
Kevin Sowerby, Stevan Berber

Radio systems
Gerard Rowe

Computer networks
Stevan Berber, Nitish Patel

Computer communications
Nitish Patel, Akshya Swain

Cloud computing and data storage
Michael O'Sullivan, Cameron Walker



Related research

  • Mechanism design in
    electricity and gas


Low power photovotaic systems, photovotaic coatings
Ashton Partridge, Patrick Hu

Inductive power transfer
John Boys, Grant Covic

Energy efficient data storage
Michael O'Sullivan (jnr), Cameron Walker

Smart grids
Udaya Madawala, Nirmal Nair

Green energy systems for homes
Udaya Madawala

Integration of renewables and distributed generation into the grid
Nirmal Nair

Energy harvesting devices, self powered wireless sensors, optimisation of solar energy
Sing Kiong Nguang, Iain Anderson

Electricity transmission planning, distribution network planning under uncertainty, electricity capacity expansion
Electric Power Optimization Centre




Water infrastructure design and catchment management
Asaad Shamseldin

Decentralised water management
Carol Boyle

Flood forecasting
Asaad Shamseldin

Fluvial processes and river engineering, including erosion and sediment transport, river dynamics, and hydrodynamics
Bruce Melville, Heide Friedrich

Water and coastal environment pollution
Naresh Singhal, Adrian Croucher

Urban stormwater management
Elizabeth Fassman, Asaad Shamseldin

Wastewater treatment
Naresh Singhal, Carol Boyle, Wei Gao, Filicia Wicaksana

Green separation and reaction engineering

Brent Young