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Active transport, commuting

Shared spaces, commuter choice, community wellbeing, health effects, equity effects, ride-sharing platforms.

Alex MacMillan, Thomas Bohne, Roger Dunn, Chris Bullen, Shanthi Ameratunga, Kim Dirks, Judith Wang, Jamie Hosking.

Asset management

Capacity, pavement management systems and stochastic modelling, deterioration modelling, maintenance standards and renewal planning, systems integration, pavement design.

Seosamh Costello, Theuns Henning, Doug Wilson, Piotr Omenzetter.

Driver behaviour

Intersections, visual enhancement systems, road safety.

Seosamh Costello, Avi Ceder, Prakash Ranjitkar

Energy and fuels

Alternative fuels, energy efficiency (modelling and optimisation), testing alternative fuels and engines.

Robert Raine, Keith Jones, Stephen Elder


Dynamics of bridges, structural health monitoring, timber bridges for rural roads, bridge vibrations, bridge waterway design and scour at foundations.

Nawawi Chouw, Piotr Omenzetter, Pierre Quenneville, Bruce Melville.

Equity effects of transport

Ethnic, socioeconomic, geographical health inequalities, whanau ora wellbeing.

Graham Lindsay, Alex Macmillan, Rhys Jones, Kimiora Raerino, Jamie Hosking

Inductive power transfer

Charging of electric vehicles used in public transport and commuting, energy savings, powering road lighting.

Grant Covic, John Boys

Transport economics

Economic evaluation, tolls, pricing.

Judith Wang, Bevan Clement


Planning and operations

Public transport planning and operations, logistics, supply chain management, intelligent transport systems, land use, incident management, efficiency of intersection types.

Avi Ceder, Roger Dunn, Bevan Clement, Prakash Ranjitkar,Tava Olsen, Samsul Islam, Stephen Knight-Lenihan, Matthias Ehrgott, Judith Wang.


Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability in decision making,  ecological principles, active transport.

Judith Wang, Basil Sharp, Erwann Sbai, Tricia Austin, Stephen Knight-Kenihan,  Alex Macmillan, Selena Sheng, Jamie Hosking.


Alternative fuels, public transport, infrastructure construction, freight, decision making, changing policy.

Tricia Austin, Avi Ceder, Alex Macmillan, Judith Wang, Alastair Woodward, Graeme Lindsay, Basil SharpErwann Sbai, Selena Sheng, Jamie Hosking, Kimiora Raerino.

Road and traffic safety

Safety, injury and injury prevention, skid resistance, driver behaviour, crash analysis, traffic monitoring for hazard alerts.

Doug Wilson, Prakash Ranjitkar, Avi Ceder, Roger DunnShanthi Ameratunga, Jamie Hosking.

Road and pavement surfaces and characteristics

Pavement materials and road construction, skid resistance, geometric design, test methods and prediction, pavement design, deterioration.

Seosamh Costello, Doug WilsonTheuns Henning.

Traffic networks, modelling, optimisation and simulation

Intersections, congestion, route choice, motorways and road networks, travel time, road condition.

Michael O’Sullivan, Andrea Raith, Matthias Ehrgott, Judith Wang, Avi Ceder, Andrew Mason, Prakash RanjitkarTheuns Henning, Seosamh Costello, Soroush Rashidi.

Urban form

Influence on demand for public transport, active journey to work modes, land use.

Tim Hazledine, Basil SharpErwann Sbai, Stephen Knight-Lenihan, Selena Sheng.

Vehicle emissions, noise pollution

Health effects and risks from transportation, emissions measurement and modelling.

Kim Dirks, Seosamh CostelloJenny Salmond, Robert Raine, Keith Jones, Stephen Elder, Jamie Hosking, Brian Mace.