The Faculty of Engineering: Environment and sustainability

The Faculty of Engineering is deeply committed and invested in our shared future on planet earth. Our expertise and research initiatives are aimed at influencing environmental policy, building practices and the environmental impact of man-made infrastructure on the natural environment.

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Green construction projects
Elizabeth Fassman, Vicente Gonzalez

Construction materials, simulation and modelling
Vicente Gonzalez

Optimisation of heavy engineering structures
Raj Das

Green infrastructure, urban metabolism, sustainable urban infrastructure, green buildings
Carol Boyle

Uku fibre reinforced construction
Kepa Morgan


Ecosystem protection, green buildings and communities
Carol Boyle

Environmental management systems and impact assessment
Carol Boyle, Rainer Seidel

Anthea Johnson

Elizabeth Fassman

Eco-efficiency and optimisation
Brent Young

Water pollution and mitigation
Adrian Croucher, Mike O’Sullivan, Naresh Singhal

Gaseous emissions capture, gas cleaning technology, air pollution mitigation
Margaret Hyland, Wei Gao

Clean technologies and industrial waste treatment
Brent Young, Mohammed Farid, Carol Boyle

Soil characterisation, behaviour, mechanics and dynamics
Rolando Orense

Slope movement and landslide risk mitigation
Rolando Orense

Soil/foundation/structure interaction
Michael Pender, Nawawi Chouw, Liam Wotherspoon

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Low power photovotaic systems, photovotaic coatings
Ashton Partridge, Patrick Hu

Inductive power transfer
John Boys, Grant Govic

Energy efficient data storage
Michael O'Sullivan (jnr), Cameron Walker

Smart grids
Udaya Madawala, Nirmal Nair

Green energy systems for homes
Udaya Madwala

Integration of renewables and distributed generation into the grid
Nirmal Nair

Energy harvesting devices, self powered wireless sensors, optimisation of solar energy
Sing Kiong Nguang


Thermal/heat management
Mohammed Farid

Wind engineering, building aerodynamics, ventilation flows, heat transfer
Rajnish Sharma

Green building design and management, low impact design
Elizabeth FassmanCarol Boyle

Permeable pavements
Elizabeth Fassman

Natural materials – wood, fibre, adobe, rammed earth
Hugh Morris

Uku fibre reinforced materials
Kepa Morgan

Modelling building acoustics
John Cater

Building automation
Partha Roop



Science underpinning sustainability, sustainable infrastructure
Carol Boyle

Life cycle analysis
Xun Xu, Carol Boyle

Sustainable products, packaging, product desig
Xun Xu, Carol Boyle, Rainer Seidel

Low impact design, green building design and management
Elizabeth Fassman, Carol Boyle

Mauri decision making model
Kepa Morgan

Urban infrastructure and metabolism
Carol Boyle

Waste and recycling

Waste plastic conversion
Mohammed Farid

Recycling waste thermoplastics, waste timber
Krishnan Jayarama

Waste minimisation
Rainer Seidel

Industrial and municipal waste management, reuse and recycling, cleaner production, life cycle assessment, waste treatment processes, soil remediation, hazardous waste management
Carol Boyle


Water infrastructure design and catchment management
Asaad Shamseldin

Decentralised water management
Carol Boyle

Flood forecasting
Asaad Shamseldin

Fluvial processes and river engineering, including erosion and sediment transport, river dynamics and hydrodynamics
Bruce Melville, Heide Friedrich

Water and coastal environment pollution
Naresh Singhal, Adrian Croucher , Ajit Sarmah

Urban stormwater management
Elizabeth Fassman, Asaad Shamseldin

Wastewater treatment

Naresh Singhal, Carol Boyle, Wei Gao

Green separation and reaction engineering
Brent Young