Faculty of Engineering

What we do in buildings and structures

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Buildings and structures

Thermal/heat management 
Mohammed Farid

Wind engineering, building aerodynamics, ventilation flows, heat transfer 
Rajnish Sharma

Green building design and management, low impact design 
Elizabeth FassmanCarol Boyle

Permeable pavements 
Elizabeth Fassman

Natural materials – wood, fibre, adobe, rammed earth 
Hugh MorrisGary Raftery

Timber structures 
Pierre QuennevilleHugh MorrisGary Raftery

Uku fibre reinforced materials 
Kepa Morgan

Modelling building acoustics 
John Cater

Building automation 
Partha Roop

Wireless friendly buildings 
Michael NeveKevin Sowerby

Smart meter based automation, roof top micro-wind and solar cells, electricity grounding & safety 
Nirmal Nair

Energy efficient lighting 
Darius Kacprzac

Aluminium structures, stainless steel, steel and composite steel, and response to natural hazards 
Charles Clifton

Concrete structures and response to natural hazard 
Rick Henry

Unreinforced masonry buildings and response to natural hazard 
Jason Ingham

Building design, construction, management and response to natural hazards 
Liam Wotherspoon

Infrastructure condition monitoring, deterioration 
Piotr Omenzetter

Soil structure systems, foundations, design, response to natural hazards 
Michael PenderNawawi Chouw

Construction management

Construction industry productivity, construction management, project management 

Suzanne WilkinsonGarry MillerKenneth Yiu

Uku fibre reinforced construction 
Kepa Morgan

Optimisation of heavy engineering structures 
Raj Das

Modelling and simulation of construction processes and supply chain, decision-making methodologies, lean construction 

Vicente Gonzalez

Foundations and drainage 
Tam Larkin

Concrete and steel construction 
Charles CliftonRick Henry

Soil mechanics and dynamics 
Rolando OrenseNawawi Chouw