Internship opportunities with SUEZ

SUEZ are currently are looking to recruit Summer Interns and a Graduate Engineer.

If you are trained in analysis, analytics, operations research, hydraulics, modelling and software programing – skills generally acquired while studying Engineering Science – you may consider looking into SUEZ's Aquaadvanced Energy water distribution optimisation projects. Their optimisation solution was developed in Auckland and implemented by a global team. This opportunity is open to students stimulated by applying engineering skills and knowledge to a variety real-world applications, and those excited by the commercial steps required to make smart solutions workable for customers.

SUEZ Smart Solutions (formerly Derceto) is New Zealand company based in Auckland’s CBD directly applying Operations Research, Engineering and Analytics skills to implement its solution to help water utilities around the globe reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. They were recently acquired by French based SUEZ; a 90,000 strong multinational dedicated to playing a major role in the sustainable management of resources.

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