Short course in Pavement Analysis and Design

Open to postgraduate (taught masters) students and people in industry, this short course is offered in conjunction with the NZ Transport Agency and the University of Canterbury.

There are two attendance options:

  • Entire course, CIVIL 767: two three-day blocks of study plus coursework and an exam (15 points towards your masters or a Certificate of Proficiency)
  • NZ Transport Agency component only: this is a shorter version of the course (two days, plus one optional day)

For more information, contact Dr Theuns Henning

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TRC Auckland motorway Grafton


Option 1 (entire course): two three-day courses plus coursework and exam

Dates: 16, 17 and 18 March, plus 3, 4 and 5 May (see 'option 2' below)

Cost: If you're a student at the University of Auckland, you must enrol to take the course. If you're interested in getting official credit for the course you also need to apply for admission to the programme (MEngSt or Certificate of Proficiency). The closing date for enrolling is Friday 11 March. You can take this short course as part of:

Certificate of Proficiency
Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Transportation)

Taught masters (MEngSt) in Transportation

The course fee is: 

  • Domestic students: $1216.50
  • International students: $4628.10

Lecturers: Mofreh Saleh, Seosamh Costello and Theuns Henning



Option 1: Course content

1 Pavement design 
Circly, back calculation analysis 
Aggregate sources, properties and classification methods 
Extraction and processing 
Sampling and testing 
Bituminous binder types, properties and tests 
Volumetric properties 
Mix design principles, methods and specifications (Marshall Mix Design, APRG18 Level I, Level II and Level III)


Option 2: NZ Transport Agency component only - short version of course

Dates: 3, 4 and 5 (optional) May 2016

Application deadline: 27 April 

Cost: For enrolled students and NZTA staff, there is no cost. For all others, the cost is $500 for the three days

Lecturers: Martin Gribble, David Alabaster and Gerhard Van Blerk 



Option 2: Course content

Pavement renewals
Pavement faults and investigation 
Subgrade testing and treatments
Stabilisation technologies
Bituminous surfacing: 
Basic concepts: purpose etc
Surface failures
Treatment selection
10  Surfacing design 


Optional day for short version

Date: 5 May 2016

Lecturers: Seosamh Costello, Theuns Henning and Fritz Jooste



Optional day: Course content (optional day for short version only)

1 Rehabilitation and analytics                                                                                                                               
Road measurements and testing
FWD and back analysis
Design applications
Materials and geology