Network opportunities in Mexico for undergraduates

Two networking opportunities in Mexico this July are open to undergraduate students at the University of Auckland:


1. Universitas 21 Research Conference A Global Perspective on Ageing Societies

This opportunity is available to honours and research-active undergraduate students.

The U21 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) is an annual event that attracts excellent students from a wide range of disciplines. Participants will have the opportunity to polish their presentation skills, showcase their research and connect with students from around the world. Up to three students enrolled at the University of Auckland will be selected to participate in this event alongside students from our 24 U21 partner universities. 

Population ageing, which occurs as the proportion of older people in the total population increases, is one of the main issues of this century. The population of developed countries is ageing fast, and the developing world is only a few decades behind with the proportion of the population aged 65 and over expected to triple in less developed countries over the next 40 years.

The challenge for the future is to ensure that people everywhere can grow old with security and dignity and that they can continue to participate in social life as citizens with full rights. At the same time, the rights of older people should not be incompatible with those of other groups.

Research from many different fields is needed in order to prepare for the challenges of population ageing and to grow into a more inclusive society. Students are encouraged to present their research from disciplines including public health, logistics and planning, sociology and economics among others.


2. APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program 2016 - INSPIRE: Next Generation of Innovators

This opportunity is available for undergraduates (second year and above)

The APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program is an annual program attracting student leaders from a variety of disciplines. The program focuses leadership development, innovation and cultural exchange. University of Auckland delegates will participate in this event alongside students from our APRU partner universities. 

INSPIRE: Next generation of innovators is a program where the participants will have the opportunity to develop skills for creating solutions to real problems of global relevance. APRU students will collectively develop innovative proposals and gain new perspectives on co-creation in a multidisciplinary and multinational context.

Programme activities include theme-related lectures, master classes, seminars and workshops, along with social activities and cultural tours to Mexico City and Teotihuacán. Activities will focus on leadership, the knowledge and creative economy, new technologies and innovation, cultural innovation, design thinking, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Distinguished faculty, facilitators and outstanding students from the host university and its partner institutions will participate.

The program will be conducted in English.


Travel grants, which cover both airfares and accommodation will be provided to selected students. The application deadline for both programmes is 31 March, 2016.

For more information, conditions and to apply, please visit: