New blog on engineering education, research and leadership

Professor Rosalind Archer has recently started Ingeniare, a blog about engineering education, research and leadership.

The blog draws on her experiences as both the Head of Department in Engineering Science, and as the Director of the Geothermal Institute. Professor Archer’s posts illustrate the joys and challenges of academic life, and are accessible to a wide audience.

She freely admits to having an unnatural level of interest in differential equations (and ways to solve them). However, while writing, she will resist the inclination to describe the world in a language filled with mathematical symbols, and instead focus on the context and impact of the work that she, her colleagues, and students do. Feedback she has received so far has been positive, showing that there is an audience who are interested in hearing more about the diverse aspects of Professor Archer’s role. 

Ingeniare is one of few blogs attributed to the faculty, with the other long-running feature in blog format being the Part II Student Editorials, which is written by second year students of each undergraduate specialisation. As an academic body, we are dedicated to providing useful resources and a range of viewpoints that capture our diversity.

The Faculty of Engineering prides ourselves on our quality of teaching, with academic staff being the recipients of numerous University teaching awards each year. Professor Archer believes that writing the blog is a chance to demonstrate some of the linkages between research and teaching – “the research-led teaching that our faculty delivers is an important part of the student experience.”