Become a Buddy!

Faculty of Engineering Postgraduate Buddy Programme

If you are a postgraduate Engineering student, the Postgraduate (PG) Buddy Programme is for you! Whether you are doing coursework studies, research, or just on temporary exchange programmes, you will find peers here.

New students – get a Buddy:

Whether you are new to New Zealand, Auckland, the University, or just postgraduate study, the tips, guidance, and experience shared by our senior student volunteers will make life a lot easier and add value to your experience here.


Who we are and what we do

The Engineering PG Buddy Programme is a volunteer network of existing and new postgraduate engineering students in all programmes.

  • Buddies are workplace friends who are already in the system that can guide you through your journey here. Buddies also help each other.
  • “I have been there, I want to help” – Our Buddy team comprise of current student volunteers from a wide range of Engineering postgraduate coursework and research programmes and cultural backgrounds. They know what it was like when one enters a new system, they have learned useful tips and experience, and they want to share it with the new students to help them find their way easier.
  • It is easy – when a new student applies for a Buddy, we will match him/her with a Buddy based on background and programme similarity, and connect them via email to allow the new student to ask questions and the Buddy to provide tips and experience. This relationship continues through the whole semester. Communication can be flexible, either via email, other online interfaces, or face to face meetup (arranged between the student and the Buddy).

Feedback from previous new students:

“It is important to get a postgraduate Buddy who has gone through similar situations and can give you tips and advice. The Buddies were very helpful, whether you knew them personally or not.”


“I have benefited from this program from the day I entered the university.”


“The idea of the Buddy Programme is so good and my Buddy was so helpful in terms of clarification of doubts in so many aspects. It is one good trustworthy program for newbies to know around UoA, Auckland, and to make new friends too.”


Hear what the Buddies have to say:

“It is satisfying to meet new people and to help them settle in a new country and a new academic/social culture.”


'“I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others. Also, it helps improve my communication skills. In addition to that I earned a group of new friends.”